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@hivefleetbothan 's Newest Giveaway! (Soooo tired)


So here I am, trying to find things to keep me entertained, and all these darn worker ants keep bringing me sugar and stupid game keys. What am I supposed to do with these? Guess there is nothing else but to do another HIVEFLEETBOTHAN AMAZING ANT GIVEAWAY!!
Last time, I brought the world of ants to your attention. But now I think it is time they get introduced to you! My ant scouts keep freaking out carrying these ‘We not Me’ banners claiming there must be another colony of people sized ants around. I keep telling them, what other crazy scientist is going to mutate ants into huge size? Hopefully this giveaway will finally get them to believe me.

What I was originally going to do was make each game have a specific entry requirement, but then I just got so tired. So instead, just tell me a story about yourself for each game you enter for, you can enter for up to 4 of the games. Additionally, everyone who enters the giveaway will also be entered for the ‘Booby Prize’!

To enter you need to make sure the following things apply to you:

  • Your account should be at least 2 weeks old, (so if your account was created after April 17th you are unable to participate).
  • You should have at least 5 badges in additional to having completed the tutorial
  • Finally, you should like this post (to show that you have read and agree to these requirements).

Entries will be accepted until 5/9/2019 at 11:59 pm, when I will hold a drawing for each game.

The Games are:

  1. Lakeview Cabin Collection: This first game has a little blood on it, but I am sure the ants just found it this way. The lakeview cabin collection is a horror game with retro graphics, it features nudity so definitely not a game for everyone.
  2. Farenheight: Indigo Prophecy Remastered: I am sure I can think of something for this one… I only have a few seconds before the ants take it away… Think, think! I can hide it underneath this pile of old newspapers, that might buy me a few seconds while I remember the tragic events that brought this game into my possession. Meanwhile on the other side of tow. . .
  3. Valnir Rok Survival RPG: What is it? I am not really sure; an early access game in the same vein as Savage Lands or Rust. Inspired by Norse mythology and more than likely still a little buggy around the edges.
  4. Deep Dungeons of Doom: A fun little 'side-scrolling-esq` dungeon crawler, go floor by floor to solve problems with one of 3 characters. I quite like it, but am not very good at it.
  5. Cloudborn: Cloudborn is a VR journey where you travel a lost civilization. Without a VR system it isn’t something I can use, maybe someone else will find some great adventures here.
  6. Guns of Iccarus Alliance: Get a crew of your best steampunk aficionados put on your goggles, power up the dirigible and get your best British accent ready!
  7. Switchblade DLC: Gotta find my papers on this one…
  8. Downfall: Link is broken, will fix tonight… But first, the ants responsible will be found and. . . dealt with.
  9. Sanctum 2:
  10. Learn Japanese to survive: Hiragari Battle
  11. Construct: Escape the system.
  12. Pony Island: You ever feel like something else is going on? I have been feeling that way recently. Everything feels off. . .

The Booby prize:
Pewdiepie Legend of the brofist: If you enter for any of the games, CONGLATURATIONS YOU MAY WIN THiS GRAT GAME!

I have a lot of blank space where I was going to do more stuff, but again I got just so tired, so apologies for the half-hearted giveaway, but I am hopeful that some of these games are of interest to you!


Strongly recommend adding links to each game you’re giving out!

I also don’t think the rules are super clear. Kinda lost in the text there. When’s the draw? Is it first come first served?

Great giveaway. Thanks for putting this up despite being tired. Thank your ants for me too. :ant: :ant: :ant:

Good luck to all entering! – I’m not.


Whoops, I can make those changes right now… See this is what happens when you do things while tired.


Thanks for tiredly running a giveaway Hive. Might be worth it to reiterate the 1 story per game entered for part in the bullet point list, just so it’s clear and easier to spot when checking back on the rules. Your Downfall link goes to Fahrenheit store page.

I would like to enter for the following games, please.

Deep Dungeons of Doom
This one time I was trying to woo a princess, but it’s tough getting admittance to the royal palace. So I had to try to send my feelings and thoughts to her via letters. Just out of nowhere, unprovoked, for no good reason @Danacscott just straight up murders the handmaiden I had entrusted my mail delivery to. Like who does that?

Learn Japanese To Survive
Made a deal with someone for those language course keys to get to start learning Japanese properly at some point. Have not started yet though since starting to do something new requires you shift time away from something else and I’m working on that part. Since this game isn’t time limited maybe I could possibly use it as an intermediary time shifting aid that might also be somewhat useful to the goal at hand.

I hope those qualifies as stories, you didn’t specify they had to be interesting stories. : )


Hey there, thanks for givs!

I would like to enter for :slight_smile:

  1. Farenheight
  2. Pony Island

And i’m sorry but i’m really bad at stories . I cant even retell a joke correctly after hearing it 10 minutes earlier :smiley:

P.S Some of your links are for wrong games :frowning: Your ant engineers wont be getting that sugar water tonight i guess!


Nice giveaway but not my style of games :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh, btw, Downfall link is broken - it leads to Fahrenheit page.


Oh boy here we go, first of all thanks for the giveaway :smiley:

Alpha and Omega, first and second entry are the first and last game, Lakeview Cabin and Pony Island, why? Well, Ive been playing games for 20 plus years and it all started with my good old 486 with some Prince of Persia, since then I’ve all the generations that keep coming out and whatnot and yet I always go back because theres something conforting about pixel art to me. I remember playing Battle City with my cousin for hours having the time of my life without a care in the world. Dont get me wrong, my favorite game of all time is The Witcher 3 which is a completely different game from what I usually play (tower defense, strategy and pixel art games) but what can I say, its just a perfect game. Anyways, I love pixelart and would pick it over the new and advanced super mega uber ultra realistic 3d stuffs they do these days but I do like darker themes and these two games fit like a glove. Passing on deep dungeons of doom even if it looks gorgeous to me but it lacks that dark theme to take it over the top in my eyes.

I would highly recommend Sanctum 2 to anybody that likes tower defense and fps games, mix of both, pretty good imho, not entering the giveaway for it because I already have it.

Lastly I would like to enter for Construct: Escape the System, looks like a good walking sim / puzzle, hoping its more of a puzzle than a walking sim. Seems like a pretty surrealistic game same as Pony Island but without the pixelart. No idea about a story for this one, I’ve never been inside a old school computer system trying to escape solving abstract puzzles :grin: Reminds me a lot of Tron.

Even if these get disqualified hey, it was actually fun thinking back about my old 486 and the games I use to swap with my cousin, fun times. Explosion of memories right there, Prince of Persia, Scorched Earth, Syndicate, Desert Strike, Incredible Machine, Descent, Supaplex… lol come to think of it Supaplex if you see yourself as a red ball with arms and legs you could argue you are sort of trying to escape a computer system solving puzzles :stuck_out_tongue:

Bonus song, Supaplex theme, imagine listening to this as a kid while playing an actual hard as balls game after school :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

edit/ just in case im also skipping the booby prize, its pixel and looks like a side scroller which would be awesome but the theme seems a bit childish for me, again just in case, skipping so somebody who actually would play it can get it.


Thanks for the give-a-way!

Four story times eh? Hmmm. This will take a bit of thinking.

Pony Island.
My family had a horse. This horse was a huge horse. He was old so nobody rode him and he grazed for the rest of his life. But while he was alive, a deer suddenly popped up and followed the horse around. This deer was a female deer. They were always together and my family thought it was pretty funny. Then the horse died. So we did what we always do with giant dead animals. We dug a deep hole next to it and pushed it in. That deer stood around that mound of dirt for a long time. A week? 2 weeks? Well, that deer is still around our property and still wanders around grazing to this day.

Sanctum 2.
When I lived in Asia, I was in a dorm with a with international students mixed with Asian students. It was a guy dorm. But the dorm used to be part of the university hospital. So somehow or other, there was a dead ghost girl wandering on the 3rd floor. Mostly in a specific room. And would you know it, I wasn’t in that room. Just next door to it. Well a friend of mind apparently got possessed and started talking (in her language) like a girl one evening. That was fun since nothing dangerous happened.

Construct: Escape the System.
While in Hawaii, I had a friend. We went hiking together in those mountains and through forests. Well, for some reason, she was prone to environmental accidents. Noticeably often. It became a joke between us. Then she tells me that her family came from Europe and that there was a known family history that her family had a ancestor related to faeries. As in from the fairy kingdom in those old folk tales. I ask why this makes a difference and she explains that the faeries or whatever spiritual creatures living in Hawaii definitely know that she has some fairy blood that is not their own and were targeting her. Nothing especially dangerous happened, just lots of inconveniences for her.

Deep Dungeons of Doom.
I dated lots of girls with no romantic or physical reason. I just needed practice dating. It was very enlightening. These relationships were doomed to end within 2 days to 2 weeks. The more I dated, the more I realized what I definitely do not want in someone. Not to mention some were broken or twisted in some day. One bit me and smiled after I showed the bite marks. One stalked me until we dated. One complained all the time and only responded positively to me when I blamed them for the problem (responded negatively to supportive language, so weird). This could be a lot of stories wrapped into one. But after all that dating for several years, my mind could figure out a girl and categorize her in the first 30 seconds. Thanks to this, I became very reliable in giving relationship advice. Is this bragging? Yes, yes it is. Not in the way you might think since I gained nothing though. Putting up with so many crazies, 1 of 15 are crazy by my personal estimates, I think I got plenty punished. I don’t recommend doing this to anyone because it really warps your mind and messes with your morals(?)/priorities(?)/relationships.


Very cool games, most not in my ability set, but thanks every so for the giveaway. I too would like to skip the booby prize - no idea who the Youtuber is even.

Only have 1 story for you though, hope that’s alright.

. Guns of Icarus Alliance:
Once upon a time, and to this present day, there lived and lives a cute little blond who was made by a great King. The King rules a magical kingdom where everyone is in total awe of him - like the really afraid of him kind. In short, they think he’s nuts. The King’s magic is off the charts and he likes to mess with scary, arcane things and metals - often mixing the two. That’s how he came to make himself a child in his own, rather fetching, image.
In contrast, his son grew up with a love of weaponry. His bent was more to the mechanical rather than the arcane and in time, he invented airships. Fortunately, the boy wasn’t the only genius in the world and thus inspired by him, enemies soon came to try to raid his father’s kingdom in airships of their own. The King and his son didn’t mind though. As I said before, the King is a bit touched and his son is his mirror, so there began many epic battles, which they both thoroughly enjoyed. How much war is enough? Their answer: You can never get enough.

[ PS: These are actually original characters. They have made it to paper several times, but not in a way I liked. Feeling freshly inspired. Cheers.]


ok @hivefleetbothan gotta thank you, lol, not for the giveaway, though it’s always cool when someone does it, so i guess i do thank you for that too, but especially for the results of yr giveaway; this provided a quite nice distraction from work for 5 min with some pretty out-there entries, lol.


@matia, you should read the instructions a little bit more carefully…


They most certainly won’t!

Thanks to everyone for spotting that error. I am ashamed and embarrassed that such a folly would have been missed by my ant fact-checkers.

I did not make any qualifiers for the story, as long as they are a story (preferably true) about yourself.

Thanks for the entries @Fraggles @rporter711 @GDBringer

@matia and @DontBeSilly You gotta give me something! (Dontbesilly you do have 1 story there, being you are bad at stories) Stories don’t need to be well told or really even coherent (did you read the original giveaway post? That thing was a nightmare). But I would appreciate some story(ies).


Herm, my entry doesn’t qualify?


Hi there. I’d like to enter for Pony Island.
So, I’m relatively new here, but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty obvious that you’re a fan of bugs, so I guess I’ll try to make my story about that.
Ever since I was young, I’ve been interested in the more obscure and unloved areas of the animal kingdom, which obviously includes bugs, but also stuff like deep-sea creatures and ‘non-dinosaur’ prehistoric animals. However, despite my love of insects, arachnids and other ‘creepy’-crawlies, I feel like I don’t really know that much about them. Recently, though, I’ve been trying to learn more about them, (one website I would recommend is, who has a ton of great articles.) and I always love finding out more about these tragically underrated animals.

I’m only entering for the one game, but I’ll also include one of my favourite stories that I’ve ever read, entitled “You were the frogs”.

image image image


euh, i think u need to read more; i’m sure u’ll soon find that this story will no longer be among your favorite ones, i think, though ofc im assuming lots of different things here…


I completely missed it, @Danacscott my apologies, your entry is fine. I think it is fine, since you mention they are original characters. And that is certainly a story.


Just going to enter for the one. I love Norse mythology so…

  1. Valnir Rok Survival RPG

Norse mythology has always interested me. You know that guy, Thor from the MCU, yeah the God of Thunder. He’s my favorite character.

I know its not much of a story.


Self-centered counterpoint: I thought it was funny.

Thanks for sharing, @DrFlamingo. Had a shitty day and really really needed that smile. :frog:


If you really want a story i can give you one thought it’s hardly a cheerful one.

I just got to work and , man , i’m feeling down. It’s Friday i should be happy but i’m just so drained at this point it doesnt matter. I think i will fail to perform a basic human functions today :frowning:

Taking a 24hour nap seems like the only reasonable solution at this point.


Thank you for the giveaway, but I won’t join since the games doesn’t suit my gamestyle^^ oh btw, the pony-game-link is broken :wink:

Hf and gl!