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@hivefleetbothan 's Newest Giveaway! (Soooo tired)


my bad.


I’d be glad to be in Pony Island and I’d like to make my entry just there.

By entering, I walk the halls of electric doom.

A blissful noise makes its way towards me.

The sound of circuits bending in fire and voodoo, carving their way in unexpected, sacred, geometry.

Their form become the form of a glyph. One of many that I glimpse in the surreal etheric dark.

Them glyphs are names that stand out in an old dusty book. Like sparkles of obscure meaning and neon signs of relentless ideas.

A Book of Names that I have not in my hands but for some reason I know, I can see, I command.

I can feel their names and glyphs.

I don’t hear them, but I feel them creeping in all the light, all of the clicks and turns of my mouse and keyboards.

The Joypad in the Arcade Room is a Monolith. An entrance for Them to come upon.

Cause there comes the entrance to Pandemonium. A saurceful of secrets endeavours. A capital for Hell.

And the Island, the Pony, the Game, are my only way out.



i’d be happy to be in for Cloudborn, and i like to talk about the story of the time i first used VR it looks quite some time to set it up but once i did it was quite amazing and fun being able to grab stuff and throw them around as i move around the room and i thought to myself i could see this becoming a lot more popular 5-10years once it has got a solid foundation and i still enjoy using it every-time i have used it on since then!


pats the sleepy sloth Feeling ya there, 2 days without a lot of sleep.


Thanks for doing this!:slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to enter for Pony Island and Hiragari Battle. So, I guess that’s 2 stories.

The first story comes from a D&D gamer I was playing at school. Well, not really D&D, more of a generic war-themed homebrew tabletop RPG with elements of D&D. Anyways, we were a group of prisoners in a prison town in nazi-occupied Poland, and we were in a large garage-like area. Anyways, there were many soldiers and a tank rushing at us.

Near the end of the fight, I sneaked into the tank, which had 2 armed drivers in it, and I had 2 options. Keep in mind that I had pretty low health. So, I could toss a Molotov in and escape, destroying the tank with little risk, or I could somehow attempt to stab both of the at the same time, and keep the tank. I went for the latter option, got a critical hit, successfully killed them, and got a tank. But then it turned out to be the last battle of the whole campaign, so it didn’t even matter :slightly_frowning_face:

Also, once upon a time, in a land far away, I was petting my cat and she tried to bite me. Is that a good enough second story?


Thanks for the giveaway, @hivefleetbothan :heavy_heart_exclamation:


There is now only 24 hours and 15 minutes or so until entries are blocked, so if you see a game you want make sure you enter!


@hivefleetbothan, I just read through the thread again and how have I managed to not say thanks yet? :exploding_head: So thank you for doing this! Yikes! Good luck with the drawings soon!


Another ANT -related :ant: giveaway?!

I’ll hop in:

1. Downfall
What would be more appropriate for such a giveaway than a story centered around ants, particularly how one (yours truly) came to admire and respect ants? It all started all the way back when I was in 3rd grade (I believe) of elementary school. During recess, my two buddies and I would play near a large tree planter hugging the trunk of a particular large tree. Like most trees of that size, there were always a long trail of worker ants plowing along the length of the trunk from the ground up. One day, I noticed a disturbance in their usual march, however: two mayflies were blocking their path near where I was sitting. One of the mayflies kept flitting back and forth, as if to physically intimidate the ants, while the other simply started lunging at the ants nearby. Undeterred, the ants regrouped AND called in nearby reinforcements to surround the lunging mayfly within a matter of minutes (recess was not that long, if I recall). Despite the thrashing, they managed to grab and seemingly bite the stationary mayfly, effectively subduing the intruder. The other mayfly then attempted to swoop in and break the fight, only to get ensnared by the tidal wave of ants as well. The two mayflies were then helplessly carried back into wherever the ant colony to be divided among the surviving ants as spoils of war. I almost could not believe my eyes, to say the least, and since then have held a great amount of admiration and respect for ants, whose coordinated teamwork and tenacious collective spirit can bring about the downfall of enemies at least ten times their individual.

2. Fahrenheit (a.k.a. Indigo Prophecy) Remastered
This happened much more recently, but is centered around another favorite critter of mine, :beetle: ladybugs :beetle: ! An old wives’ tale from my culture claims that even after a loved one passes, they can sometimes return to watch over us in the form of a ladybug (or other insect which I cannot remember now). Now the death anniversary of my paternal grandmother, who passed away more than a decade ago, approached, and my family and I prepared to visit her grave and pay respects. Starting three days from our planned visit, I swear I kept seeing the same ladybug :beetle: appear in the windowsill of nearly every room I was in, from the kitchen to my grandparents’ old bedroom towards the back. My mother simply shrugged it off and said, “Oh, it’s probably just your dear departed Grandmother just paying a visit and making sure you don’t get into trouble … and that trouble does not befall us.” Sure enough, after we visited my grandmother’s resting place, the ladybug soon disappeared. From time to time, though, a lone ladybug still appears emerges, and it makes me wonder, “ … Grandmother?”

3. Lakeview Cabin Collection
My attempt at a strange one-sentence story: Polly the Parrot and Toucan Sam flew all the way from South America to meet the reclusive Gus MacPuffin in Greenland, only for the pair to get waylaid and nearly eaten by a brown bear :bear: in Europe.

Thank you, @hivefleetbothan, for both the excell-ANT theme and giveaway!


Ooh :open_mouth: ! Do you happen to remember the name of that WWII-themed DnD-styled tabletop RPG?


What a horrid nightmare for :ant: :spider: :cricket: true bug lovers :heart: :heart: ! Why, those green monsters with their slimy long tongues … wait, those would be us :open_mouth: !


I don’t know if this is the one that @Watplr is talking about, but there was a game made called Weird Wars about WW2 using a modified D&D 3.5 ruleset, otherwise I think d20 modern could handle it pretty well.

Entries are now closed, thank you for the stories everyone who entered! I will do the drawing for the games in about 3 hours (right now I am at work).


Game 1.rporter711, RosetteoXChrno (roll d2, dice 1)
Game 2. DontBeSilly, RosetteoXChrno (roll d2, dice 2)
Game 4. Fraggles, GDBringer (roll d2, dice 3)
Game 6. Danacscott (CONGRATS ON WINNING)
Game 8: RosettoXChrno (CONGRATS ON WINNING)
Game 10. Fraggles, Watplr (roll d2, dice 4)
Game 11. rporter711, GDBringer (roll d2, dice 5)
Game 12. DontBeSilly, rporter711, GDBringer, DrFlamingo, ilchinoz, Watplr (roll d6, dice 1)

The Booby prize: Fraggles, DontBeSilly, rporter711, GDBringer, Danacscot, DrFlamingo, THEFIREGAMER123, ilchinoz, rakada, Watplr, RosetteoXChrno (roll d11, dice 1)

@discobot roll 5d2


:game_die: 1, 1, 2, 2, 2


@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 1


@discobot roll 1d11


:game_die: 7


Congrats to:
@rporter711 @DontBeSilly @THEFIREGAMER123 @GDBringer @rakada @Danacscott @Watplr and @RosetteoXChrno
On your recent victory, please contact me at your earliest convenience to claim your prize. If you cannot claim your prize in 48 hrs a new drawing will be held for the game in question.

Shame some of the games didn’t even get an entry. :cry: I don’t suppose anyone wants them?

I will be online intermittently, so don’t worry! I am just finalizing my master’s research projects right now. . . Still soooooooooooo tired.


It’s not sold in stores, it was entirely made up by the DMs.