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Happy New Year!


As it is now after midnight where I live, Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a blast hanging with you all in 2018, and I can’t wait to do more now in 2019. The future is bright guys :sunglasses:




I bid all you fine folk and gnome alts a Happy New Year :blush:
-may 2019 be lush with freebies, quality bundles and high discounts at rock bottom prices and great games for your game library expansion desires :+1:

and overall good events in your lives through 2019 :hugs:
:champagne: :fireworks: Onward, to the future! :rocket:


In Germany we say „Guten Rutsch“ which means „Good Slide“. So whatever you do tonight have a good transition into 2019 and happy new year to the people from the future!


Wow, I’m still half a day away from being able to say that


Welcome to 2019 all of you 2018 plebs!



Hope you all have a happy time bringing in the new year - have fun and be safe!!



Aw right, Happy New Year from here as well!!!
im a 2019 pleb now, yay!


Happy New Year, y’all.


Happy New Year everyone!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!~ ✺ ❋ ❉ :sparkle:


Happy New Year guys and gals! Thank you for the best community I’ve ever found! Hope you have a blast of 2019 and wish you health and happiness, not only for you, but all your loved ones as well!


well i was offline in community while a year. That was bad




Happy New Year everyone!!! :grin:


the happiest new year to you all! surely everyone is in 2019 by now >.>

to celebrate here’s a video of my dog!

(Im sorry I can’t get the video to upload so I’ll have to plug my twitter at the same time <.<)


XDDD amazing. koo koo for rocko XD


She’s a good doggo :’3 everyone round here says she’s too viscious to have off a leash, but she’s only bad when someone else has a dog off their leash.

Obviously her ability to assassinate rocks with such precision scares others.


O M G :astonished:
look at that floofer!!! :heart_eyes:

eat the rock, EAT IT! :relaxed::hugs: