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Happy New Year!


its a shame I couldn’t upload the full video >.< seeing as though you guys like it I may find more xD she’s always giving us a right old laugh she a stupid smart doggo, and they’re the best.


Happy New Year, everyone! :3
I hope it’s filled with laughter, madness and magic :sunflower:


Happy New Year everyone! This is my first official return from the dead post. Thanks to @delenn13 and the Chrono staff for getting my account reinstated after i had it taken down by request.


Now that’s a New Years miracle! :smiley: Welcome back buddy!


Welcome back and welcome to 2019 :slight_smile: .


Welcome Back!:hugs:

Yea, I found out I had powers I didn’t know I had…LOL


Thanks everyone. :grinning:


I just couldn’t resist::joy:


“On the third day he rose again in accordance with the Scriptures”

… unsure whether to be freaked out, or start a religion :thinking:

welcome back man, hope you find it a pleasant stay :+1:, “don’t mind the gnomes” :hugs: