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Happy Halloween!


So. It’s that time of year again!

Happy Halloween! This thread is a spot to share your spooky stories and costumes, or anything halloween related, for that matter. Carved a pumpkin that looks like a dog? Post it! Saw a wacky Halloween decoration? Definitely post that!

Enjoy your halloween, and stay safe.


Happy Halloween! :slight_smile: I started a try of for 100 one-sentence stories - made it to 10, lol.

Thought to put it as a thread here, but mew, not sure how many people around for very long today.


Happy Halloween.

I have a scary story! A spot in my room with no light source was flashing (was awake). Then couldn’t move (was awake). Went to sleep. Then dark figure beside my bed (was asleep). Woke up and didn’t go back to sleep. The end.

I also have stories while in Asia. But the most annoying were those ghosts sitting on my chest every other night. So I started sleeping on my stomach, problem solved. The end.

I’m such a bad story teller, but I hope you were scared!


No ghosties and never tried going into a house with haunted rep. I mean alone? Heck no.

I had that creepy chest feeling once - guessing it was they call sleep paralysis. It was hecking terrifying. :cry:

Spookiest thing I experience these days, is the sensation of waking up, carrying out innocuous actions, then actually waking up to realise I’d been dreaming. Sometimes, I have entire conversations with people in the house, I’ve never had in reality.

Edgar Allan Poe was a master of making the commonplace scary, and it’s stuff like the prior that make it work.

Haven’t watched Constantine this year, got my spooks just by dreaming all last night and today during a nap. I felt myself hugging an 18" porcelain doll for comfort, as I was having a super scary dream, that might make a good story. Then I thought: but I don’t actually own a doll like that… and I woke up.




At work yesterday I just had a casual look cause our work costume party is tonight.

Tonight I’ll have the full look that I had at a party last weekend:


So happy that people did exciting things on Halloween.

Me, I watched DEMON KNIGHT. It was goofy, and pretty ok.

With everything else I haven’t had a chance to really dress up.


I spent my night knitting and watching youtube videos lol. But I have a work party tonight


Happy belated Halloween everyone! :jack_o_lantern:


I did dress up a little bit though!

Gotta love that Iguana hat. Keeps me festive for so much of the year.


The best part of Halloween:

The cheap candy the next day! (6 bags for $20)


I am jelly. Very gelatin.

Nice! What are you knitting up? I should havebeen crocheting. T_T Seems like I found the worse horror movies ever made on Youtube, ha ha.


I didn’t do much of anything for Halloween, but I now have a hankering to watch some old Dracula movies. Any recommendations for version?


I’d love to see Nosferatu, but well, don’t think you can watch that anymore, because, lawyers over copyright issues etc.

There’s one with Keanu - would have to research the name, with awesome cinematography.

Francis Coppola - Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)


It’s available on Amazon Prime right now (at least in the US).


Not available in my location but thanks anyway. :smile:


Shouldn’t it be public domain by now anyway?
Edit: There’s a version of it in its entirety on English Wikipedia, maybe give that a watch.


Sweet! Thanks ^^ Public domain, of course - good catch yay!


I’m knitting a surprise scarf for my bf!