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Happy Halloween!


Well even though its Nov 2 in my area, yesterday I finally watched Coraline. I thought it was solid, not something I would be in a rush to rewatch necessarily but the stop motion is amazing. Growing up the bits I saw I thought it was creepy, and looking at it on an older lens it’s pretty genius that they weren’t afraid to creep the hell out of kids. Sure its not something I’m scared of but the creepy atmosphere is subtle, but well executed.
I also plan to watch Paranorman but I haven’t got to it yet. I’ve some other commitments until then. Oh well.
And I also forgot that it was Halloween exists until I saw kids in a shopping mall dressing up in costumes with baskets (context: we don’t celebrate Halloween here, at least not the same way Western countries do it).


Same. Only one place had up decoration in front of their bar and I think it’s owned by non-nationals, so it might be normal for them to get in the swing of things. Well, dudes who are citizens but not born here - more accurate.

I don’t mind though - got my online friends to Halloween with instead. :heart:


Not sure that this relates to Halloween, but has anyone watched/heard of a movie called Parasite?


You mean this one? Because I loved it. Intense and very interesting, although I didn’t think it was funny at all unlike some people who watched it.
If you are talking about the anime, on the other hand (though I doubt it), I’m sorry but I have no idea.
Either way, it doesn’t really feel like a Halloween thing all too much, but it is a creepy movie so it can kind of count.


That’s the exact movie that I was thinking of!

Glad that you loved it, I’m thinking about watching it with friends, so it’s great to hear that it was interesting.