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Halloween Deals, 2019. Excitement?


So far, not much spooky scary stuff in stores outside of Chrono. Herm.

Halloween sales have been mostly on regular stock, with some sort of discount and seasonal graphics added. Not nice. T_T

What games or events are you looking forward to this year?

If I’m home, A Heist with Markiplier will be live on October 30th. (Yes, I’m a fan alright, sue me. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Usually watch Constantine every year for the big Pumpkin day, but this time around, I’m going to throw in some Japanese made movies. A pillow to hug being the usual accessory. :blush:


Festival of the Lost will be starting soon in Destiny 2, other then that i might find some of those old Halloween kids movies for nostalgic purposes. I did buy the Looney Tunes golden collection so hopefully I can see some of those Halloween episodes.


What? You got all these???

And is having their sale:


It’s exceedingly rare I ever find anything worth my time in fanatical’s pick and mix bundles but this one actually had two titles I’ve been wanting and I managed to find a third that looked pretty good too.
Skautfold: Usurper
The Padre
92% off is pretty nice deal for 3 games I actually want.


@THEFIREGAMER123 I don’t have Destiny 2 myself. Think my only game that will definitely have Halloween events is 100% Orange Juice (got to restart) and Yugioh! (if I feel like going through whole day events again, lol). The Looney Tunes does sound like a good time - tons of laughs. ^^ I love the Warner Brothers and their sister Dot, ^^.

@delenn13 Nope not all of the Horror Pick and Mix, some from leftovers but there are 3 would still like: Husk, Dead Alliance and Inner Chains. Hee hee. The Itch sale I hadn’t noted. Will peek. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks. :heart:

@Fraggles Super nice picks. I did get Stasis and Padre from a leftovers bud, but undecided about Usurper. Prefer the games list above, and don’t want to go above the $2.49 really, if I get those 3 in the end. Might end up getting Left for Dead 2 in Winter Sale instead. Happy you got such a great deal. ^^

PS: If anyone got the Retribution bundle and by some miracle is willing to trade Extinction, please PM me. :blush:


I wish I had money for games… I’m so broke from moving xD


At least I hope you didn’t break your back! Remember: lift boxes using the power of your LEGS.


Yes, but you’re snug and safe. In time, it will also be a great space for gaming. :heart:


Sale is on @ Steam & GOG.

You guys getting anything?


Yiss! And I have a cute cat that keeps my company now <3 never thought I’d ever have a cat - always been a dog person - but here I am xD


@coralinecastell Maybe around 5 or so. The thing about long wishlists is that everything is on sale at the same time! O_o There are $1 things like Anachronox and Thief: Deadly Shadows. Ethan Carter is tempting since I can run it soon. I dunno yet. :rofl:

@KittiBear The cats - they will get you eventually. ^^


Have to be able to see my wishlist first.


I’m getting Error Code: -118


Thank you, there’s actually a lot of names in the Pick&Mix that ring bells and I’m trying to find out if they’re worth the purchase. For the bundle price, even some C-list horror games would make the cut.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to be able to visit the Steam store, neither in Firefox nor the Steam client itself. Does anybody else have this problem right now?



Yup, usual thing. Steam has a sale - the servers break. >>


Oh lol , it’s not even that good of a sale :smiley:


did Steam sale actually start? my store page is the regular, normal Store front with regular weeklong deals and doesnt mention anything about the sale having started; also, i thought it’s supposed to start tomorrow, no?



yeah, it works now, but before it didnt show for me