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Halloween Deals, 2019. Excitement?


The Event page is confusing already too, lol.


Might actually try to beat SOMA on Halloween this year. Was too scared last time I tried. On that note, I realized today that I own Amnesia: The Dark Descent and I hear it’s hella spooky. I really wanna try it out. Thoughts, folks?

On the subject of deals, found a handful of games some of you might be interested in for this spooky season – as I’m on a budget, I’m sticking to cheap suggestions:

From Beyond Prologue -50% / USD1.49 / £1.04 / BRL3,24

Masochisia -75% / USD1.99 / £1.39 / BRL3,99

Path to Mnemosyne -75% / USD2.49 / £1.79 / BRL5,17

Omen Exition: Plague -75% / USD2.99 / £2.32 / BRL6,22

Wunderdoktor -50% / USD4.99 / £3.49 / BRL9,99

103 -50% / USD4.99 / £3.59 / BRL10,34

Death Crown -30% / USD6.99 / £6.43 / BRL14,48

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@coralinecastell Great finds! I like the sound of the first, will clickie and see and I find something to eat, lol. Path to Mnemosyne is a game I thought looks good, but not sure I’d enjoy it.

It was Soma for you - Wick for me, lol. I got so scared trying to light the matches/candles in time. Then I realised you could find more matches, lol. That’s one to give another try. Not played Amnesia - either of them, but have avoided people doing Let’s Plays - don’t want to ruin it.

As usual, you find ze good stuff. Thanks. ^^


I’m really tempted to get Vampyr this sale .

At full price i think it’s not that great of a deal but for 17euros ,really tempting.


Omen Exitio ist in the Fanatical Pick & Mix as well though, where you get that one and two other games for less than the game’s price on Steam


I got the Darkest Dungeon DLCs and the three The Room games. I found out about them from seeing a streamer play the third game a while back, they’re escape-the-room-ish puzzle games where you need to solve puzzle boxes. I’ve played through the first one so far and had a nice time!


Very nice deals @eishiya! I like those games sometimes… but if they’re really obscure with clues then i"m all T_T and sob, lol.


I haven’t needed the hints much so far (I’m about halfway through the second game now), but these games’s hints system is nice, the hints get more direct the longer you’re stuck on a puzzle.



@THEFIREGAMER123 Thanks for that. It was too funny. :slight_smile:


Ooh, Conan is amazing. Too bad he doesn’t do as much anymore, though.


I’ve played and beat the first two (on IOS no less), and loved both. It was suitably creepy and dropped just enough lore to tease you on what was happening. I haven’t played the third yet but certainly would like to.

For everyone else by the way, the horror aspects of it are lovecraftian, to some extent. So if you like that sort of thing these may be for you.


I wish Conan did more of the clueless gamer series. I love them so much There fantastic. Even if you don’t play or like the games, you should still watch them for the great laughs.


A few of the videos are blocked in certain countries so use the link below to watch them on his website.


By the way, Fanatical added more games to the Horror Pick and Mix Bundle.

Indiegala has a new Scared Stiff bundles, which has in the first Lucius game.


Not quite halloween themed but here’s an interesting bundle.

I’d probably pick it up if it wasn’t for all those games included hiking the price up, too bad OST DLCs can’t be bought stand alone. There’s an awful lot of great music on offer here, for a pretty decent price.

Well, the games are good too… I guess. Just not ones I want to play.


Not on steam, but they are available [at Bandcamp]


Yes, thank you. I’m well aware. But bandcamp never runs deals like steam does and the only thing like a bundle I’ve ever seen there has been buying the entire discography or something from some artists.

The primary draw of that steam bundle was the price, the ones you’ve linked there are already $51 together and that’s not the full collection of what’s in the steam bundle. The steam bundle also has ~24e(discounted) worth of games in it that if removed would make the music very affordable.


very nice games, can definitely recommend that suggestion
i was really happy to see the room 3 brought on PC, very good experience with all 3 imo

decent clue system, no hair pulling or much head scratching, well minimum head scratching if you’ve had a cup of coffee some days :sweat_smile:
definitely worthwhile to consider


Aww gee, just the response I was expecting.


I hope you didn’t read any sarcasm into it as there was none intended, had I not been aware I would certainly have been happy to be told about their existence.