Grim Dawn giveaway

Well, here it is. My first purchase on Chrono. WOOHOOOOO!

I’ve been waiting for a good deal but most games i rly want i already have atm i guess, at least those which u have had deals for recently.

And this is such a good game, but i already have it too, so i decided to just go ahead and make my first official purchase here regardless and make it a giveaway so that at last i can say i contributed just a tiny bit to

The rules:

  • must have a community forum account older than 2 weeks
  • must have 6 badges or more
  • tell us a childhood memory you haven’t told anyone, or at least never told anyone in your adult life


and then I’ll declare the winner whenever i do, entries are valid until i declare the winner, whom i will pm the code too

gl and hf


:clap: Good luck to those who enter!

@M00, congrats on your first Chrono purchase! :smiley:

I have the base game already, just need to really spend some time to play it…

Too bad there’s not an example entry box for me to copy… :wink::laughing:


Already have the game - def recommended! Love it.


I just got it…So good luck to the winner :heavy_heart_exclamation:

And congrats to @M00 for his first buy :tada:


Well… I’ve been using Chrono for a long time, and bought a bunch of games, but, I just created an account today to find out why I couldn’t purchase Grim Dawn, because it went Sold Out. So, if you want to consider my participation, here it is:

My best childhood memory, and probably the strongest feeling I have, was finishing Sonic 2 on Mega Drive (genesis) with my dad. Still gives me good memories that time.


EDIT: There was a turn of events, I also got the game now. But was a nice question for a giveaway.


So many people really like this game. I admit that every time I’ve seen it, I don’t see what makes it unique. So it is just in my wishlist. I’ve been guessing that I’ll get it as part as a $5 bundle (including a game I really want) in the future. Good luck to whoever wins and let me know how it was!

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heheh. :wink:

My earliest memory is what I’ve never told anyone. I remember crawling to the living room. When I arrived in the room, I crawled to the couch my father was lying down on, watching tv. I remember using the side of the couch to stand up and climbed onto my father. Then I lay on his stomach to put my head down. After that, blank memory. I think I went to sleep. I never cared to tell anyone because apparently our minds make up memories or edits them as we get older. So who knows if it really happened.


Well… since everybody seems to own the game, and since i missed it when it was free during the spring cleaning event, i would like to enter the draw.


Edit: i forgot to tell you the memory… i lied on that english test, i did cheat!! You hear me; i CHEATED ON MY 6TH GRADE ENGLISH TEST AND I LIED ABOUT IT



I haven’t ever had anyone congratulate me on a purchase :frowning:


Thanks @M00 for the giveaway.I missed the daily deal. in early 90’s I remember spending all my pocket money in arcades and pool. Capcom’s Tiger Road took a lot from me and never finished it :open_mouth:
Good luck to all participants :smiley:


Thanks for such a great giveaway, @M00 :smile:

I also recently purchased something from Chrono and I’m so glad I could because this is just the most wholesome community :blush:

Childhood memory… hmmm.
You know how every child tries to run away at some point? One day, I was about 4. I took a checkered dishcloth, placed some essentials in it (food? pssssh. More like a CD of my favourite game, sweets and my fake pokemon plush), tied it around a loooong branch and marched to the front door.
My mom found me there and asked where I was going.
I replied, “I’m running away to become a mermaid” (I had seen the Little Mermaid 2 at this point and was so convinced you could turn into a mermaid).
My mom just laughed, watched me walk to the gate and open it. I then looked up the road, and down the road, and didn’t know where to go. So she came to bring me back inside :laughing:


Congrats on your first purchase! I hope it was a smooth onee
I would like to enter :slight_smile:

Childhood memory that hasn’t been told hmmnnm. Well I remember making up stories a lot, I made this book about losing a key to the house and not being able to get in lol I remember bringing it to school and showing everyone, the teacher read it out for me


Hey I’ll enter.

Lets see, childhood memory I haven’t told anyone… I’d say that it would be that a couple of my friends and I used to play stuffed animals. It was basically like playing “house” except our animals all had their own homes and used martial arts against each other to be the best. We did that for quite a long time actually.

Not really anything crazy, but that’s what comes to mind.


Okay, I’ll enter as well.

I usually tell people I can only draw by sight, mimicking what I see. When I was a kid though, I wrote and illustrated a story about a shark, a singing shark, who would taunt his prey. The line was “I’m going bite you on your butt”. Showed the little handmade book to my teacher who helpfully corrected ‘butt’ to ‘buttocks’. I giggled thinking the latter word sounded sillier. That teacher was the one adult who took my efforts seriously and it meant a lot to me at the time. Remembering this, I wish I’d kept on writing and drawing, even if it was just for my own eyes.


Hi there! Thanks for the sponsoring :wink: I’d like to enter.

Childhood Memory I never told anyone in my adulthood life… hmm that’s hard…

About a century ago, when I was a small kiddo, I was a huge fan of a lollipop brand with a zebra head on it. I had a box of it in my room and one day I have been playing with my childhood friend while he (my lil’ brother) has been playing with his childhood friend. When I went back into my room, I discovered a huge lack of my lollipops, so I ran to my mum (with my friend being my witness) and accused him of stealing my lollipops.

After a while they gave in and accepted the punishment of buying me a new box of lollipops. We went to a store which was close by and searched for the lollipop brand. Sadly there wasn’t my favorite brand but I thought: Some lollipops are better than no lollipops, that’s why I accepted this offer of buying them. Later on I regretted it, since my mum said, she would have brought us to the store with my favorite lollipops.

One day later my dad bought me a new box and I actually gave my brother one of those lollipops.

Today I actually join for my brothers sake, since he wants the game terribly but can’t afford to buy the version without discount and now every discounted version is sold. (He is two years younger than me and was about 4/5 years old when the lollipop drama happened)


As someone who is under the age of 18 (in case you couldn’t tell by my atrocious spelling) i can use any time in my life for a story. So one time i entered a giveaway for grim dawn and i maybe won possibly maybe (PLZ)

In any case 10/10 give away the game looks almost as cool as garfield kart.


Can Chrono employees enter the giveaway as well? :frowning:


only the raccoon ones as well as their friends; whoever does not have those qualifications sadly may not


OOOOh, an interesting bunch of stories to read. Thanks for giving me something to read!


@RaccoonV so, u or any of yr friends entering? Deadline is undetermined but unquestionably uninterruptedly undoubtedly unsurprisingly understandably uncompromisingly unpredictably unmistakably approaching…


Nah mate, I’m good - thanks! I’ve already got Grim Dawn!