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Grim Dawn giveaway


I am so so so sorry please don’t hate me but I NEED TO SHITPOST:

YoU mEaN LiKe THiS?!?!?


See it’s hilarious to me that this is coming back around, cause I remember singing it at camp when I was like 10-12. The fact that people are hearing this for the first time and loving it now is fascinating.


Hee hee. I love all versions of this song. Funny enough, I only heard it for the first time either this year or sometime last year. It wasn’t a childhood thing for me like for @Vindace. :slight_smile:


I’ll enter

I guess my childhood memory which I haven’t shared with anyone would be me and my kindergarten friend trying to trap crows in a fake washing machine toy my little sister had using pieces of bread as bait. It never worked but birds did come down to take the bread once in while.


deadline is something like 36h away, maybe, i think. Also, if u don’t enter, yr automatically disqualified!


Winner has been sent the key. Waiting to hear back from them. Thx everyone for entering.


But I haven’t received a message? :thinking:

Yolks (jokes with an accent)


-looks like a ghost emerging from donald duck’s head…


Winner confirmed!