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Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


is it wrong i sorta wanna see a reality-tv battle royale court drama :thinking: ? :smile:
"Next on Judge Judy, a blue hole wants their skillet and poultry back, so they can feed their hungry mouths with homemade KFC"Korean-Fortnite-Crumbs


Not at all man. In fact Im-strangely-comfortable-with-it


i suppose this is in part both a channel recommendation, and a mod recommendation :thinking: :smile: :blush:

^if you like sc2, and want to put a more “cutesy” look on your play :smiley:


Watching youtube videos today this was in my recommended and so I thought i’d post this. i loved Far Cry 2 i wasn’t bothered by the weapon decay or malaria like others. I got really immersed in this game. It’s funny to see how the series has changed in terms of details.


that’s pretty depressing rly


Wow :open_mouth:

I really want to play Far Cry 2 now, the enemy AI reactions to being shot/healing… shit man, even If they’re the baddies…

Thanks for sharing man ^^^

Super late but whatevs.


Anytime man my posts may not be top tier or as frequent as some but I try my best. :grinning:


yea i really liked FC2 too, imo it was very good, even the weapon degradation system was neat (even if overly “sensitive”) at times, “tech-wise” it was pretty amszing/semi mind-blowing, i really enjoyed “hunting” by “wildfire” etc.
But holy sht ofc it had to be infested with some of the worst securom bs :roll_eyes:


Pretty much the whole Game Theorist series

He has a super interesting perspective on certain things in video games and tries to back up his thoughts with examples and proof. Sometimes it’s a stretch, but it can always make you at least consider what he’s saying as “oh, maybe!”


EDIT, this was working. Not sure why it isn’t now.


Synchronised KFC - the KF




did we have these already :thinking:
aaanywho :man_shrugging:, since “someone(s)” been enjoying Dank Sowls lately, (per my steam activity feed), i figured maybe some would enjoy a reminder of these

(did i forget a 4th somehow ? :thinking:) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i’m usually not into rhythm games, and they make this look way easy, (when it’s undoubtedly not) :wink: :smile:

ps, bonus points for wearing workout clothes for gaming :+1:


I hate those guys. Always the same body language. It is almost as if a lot of these youtubers attended the same 2 hour seminar in how to move their hands.


well, they most probably did actually, rofl




I LOVE LOVE LOVE ProZD so here we go.




:+1: “i’m gonna back out right naow” :rofl:
PuhpG :thinking:
reminds me,

non-PG13 quote

“it makes me so angry i wanna cum”