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Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend



Outside Xbox /



been watching a fair bit of gVmers(no you don’t get to use a V call it an inverted A and say your channel name is “gamers” :smile:) since @Animosity posted the stalker take
there are some nice vids here and there, depending on which game a person might be in to
F.E.A.R. is probably one of the very few games that managed to almost give me a heart attack -and thoroughly enjoy the entire game too


Has this never been posted here yet? I would check but, you know, 124 posts before this one. Seems like an injustice if this has not even been mentioned, so here it is, straight from that same rock where @Fraggles resides. (I think, but not Fraggle Rock, that be something else entirely).

If you haven’t seen this before, may I suggest you take 30 mins away from whatever you are doing and watch it?
Although, I think most have probably seen it by now.

There is a second one announced with Michael Fassbender and Arnold Schwarzenegger (rumoured or perhaps confirmed now) but it won’t be a direct sequel to this gem.


g∀mers I’m already cooler than he


yo can u imagine the amounts of salt this will generate ingame? lol

more like trollnite


more dunder guy

i died around 2min52secs, relaxed fishing scene just too much for my ribs to handle :smile:


The battle against lootboxes is finally starting to hit the greedy publishers right in the bank accounts.


I figured this time instead of posting just a video i’d post a link to a channel. This channel is a small channel that covers indie games on kickstarter, early access and at shows like pax. A lot of indie games on my steam wishlist i found thru this channel.


Potato Mode from Gamespot is now one of my favorite series on YT.


is it weird i like the look of far cry 5 more in part of potato mode?
i found the strange “clay doh”/polygon toon aesthetic kinda nice :smile:


This video is only fun if you have played they are billions



PS. am i the only one that get some giggles in during the 2nd vid?^ :blush:


Because of the thumbnail of your first video.

I didn’t got the giggles btw, that type of character is not very amusing to me.


but but, classical music… :worried:

-everything is ruined now, :cry:

:+1: :smile:


Oh, I love classical music, is my fave.
But his persona sounds like a prick, and I just don’t like that type of person.



Also here


With all the battle royale games and drama lately I figured I’d post this.