Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend

I like how @carvalho20ptc just droppec the trailer here like: nuff said. ^^

I love the logo chain 8 transition and the choreography looks awesome, but I have a Q. What in the hell beast of a machine is it gonna take to run that thing?


And then Capcom comes along today and does this:


New leaks from GTA 6 are on Youtube. Go watch or download them before Rockstar smite those channels down.


The GTA V cash cow has run dry!


I really expect it will be a rinse and repeat of GTA V. Loads slower than a government computer, stuffs online down your throat as much as possible, rockstar social, a story of questionable quality, online full of cheats and mtx, and ban roulette with no appeals.

I suspect most the fun will be messing around by yourself or with friends, per usual.

We’ll see what shows up but I’m not really that excited about it.


I never picked up Red Dead 2, and kinda assume I’m letting GTA be too. A bit bored of these games and Rockstar.


After I watched these videos I’m glad I’ve stopped playing MMORPGs and online games altogether because this is just pure evil.

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