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Good, fun, cool, weird, silly, etc. game-related YouTube Videos you recommend


I find that the old unaltered cinematics looks better because they are a bit fuzzy. The models don’t get any better because you put a sharpening filter over the whole thing and it only serves to highlight the flaws.

This prompted me to sit down and watch all the D2 cinematics again though, it’s still a pretty good story. Especially for an ARPG.



might give this game another chance maybe sometime in the relatively far future, been playing a bit of Grim Dawn lately and enjoying it when i do, moreso than PoE, which i found quite boring i must say; i also have a natural dislike for its MMO aspect i think, there’s something about seeing all those other players running around in the neutral zone that bothers me, had the same feeling in The Division, whereas at least in Grim Dawn u feel it’s u, the player, the hero of this world that actually affects the world your in, whereas in those other games it feels like yr on a guided tour with a frikkin tour bus (even if u actually play alone) where everyone and their mother goes through the same motions just before/behind you, lol (even though i know it’s the same with purely SP games, at least u dont see it there)


I hear you i only interact with people when i need to trade for a unique, maps or flip currency. People have suggested the ability to be able to use your hideout as a primary spawn instead of towns but GGG wont do this because they want players to see peoples MTX cosmetics to entice others to spend cash. In the end it’s all different strokes for different folks. Good luck with Grim Dawn. I’ll probably play it again at some point it’s just hard to give up the 1500 hours of stuff i amassed in PoE. 1500 hours isn’t much at all for an arpg but for me it’s something. I tend to get bored of everything pretty easy especially games and even IRL stuff like jobs, relationships, etc.


btw, been a while since i checked it out; they still charge you for bag space/stash? -that was always/initially the point that turned me away, since in an arpg/“loot fest” didn’t really felt it “nice” if being intentionally hindered in that way/area.
I get they have to monetize their game someway, but back then it just felt wrong to me there -unless i misinterpreted something completely even? :grimacing:


Yeah they sell extra stash tabs, specialized tabs for maps, currency, essences, divination cards, etc. they also sell supporter packs that give themed armor sets, effects, portals, depends on the pack and also comes with points worth the pack’s value itself to use on tabs if you want or more cosmetics. I mean you can make do with tabs they give you if you don’t hoard everything under the sun. If you want to trade tho u might want to buy a premium tab to make trading a breeze or you could go old school and set up a shop in the forums with procurement.


:point_up_2::wink: i have a mule, for every item category, purple and blue in Grim Dawn :joy: -in a singleplayer game that has a mod for an (offline) digital stash tool no less :rofl:
even in d2 i would keep duplicate items regardless of “perfect” stats, not even for trades, but “just in case” i might make another character that could use it -when i never did :smile:
… hoarding might be my arpg middle-name :thinking: i just can’t help it :grin:


At the end of the leagues i just root thru my uniques, currency and so on and dump them into the specialized tabs i bought and vendor everything else. I keep one character on my account and delete everything else. i mean we get like 24 character slots or something but i just dump everything every 3 months.


For all you pixel art game lovers out there. Maybe you’ll find something here to add to your steam wishlist or just keep an eye on.


What was the name of the tool again? I remember using it, or maybe it was in Torchlight 2. But I’m sure going to need if there’s for Grim Dawn, I’m piling up on blues and starting to see my first purps. :rofl:


GD Stash (forums are down for maintenance as of posting tho should be back up “soon”) might be some good/“important” info on there to check beforehand.
forgot an alternative
Item Assistant
they differ in functionality and features but both serve sorta the same purpose, albeit in different ways (irrc item assistant doesn’t work with GD x64 mode tho for now)

^it might be easier than mules/manual stashing, but idono, i just like having the “physical” backup that i can put my hands on, since i’m always “paranoid” about leaving my precious shinies in the hands of some digital ledger :blush:


Thanks :blush: