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GOG has announced that GOG GALAXY 2.0 will combine all your games into one library.



Agreed. Some sort of integrated software. It’s good for a comprehensive library though.

I think they’re planning to give you the option to also close, say Steam, after you finish playing a game - which would be nice for forgetful people like me.


The problem I have noticed with it is anytime I start it I have to connect some of my accounts again. It seems to always lose my steam connection and make me relog into some others as well. Today I had to reconnect almost all of my accounts :frowning:


I believe that feature already exists. At least I saw it a few months ago when I first tested it out. Unless they took it out because it wasn’t working properly or something.


Thanks for the info. I’m assuming then that since it requires/uses the other launchers, that it keeps your games on other launchers up to date? Not using it yet, but if it does that, then I think that’s a reasonable level of functionality. It means you no longer have to remember what game you have on which client, and can view your entire library in one go. So it’s something.

In order to work without, say, Steam installed would require some technical wizardry that Steam could (and would) likely break with some degree of frequency. GOG would need to trick the Steam servers into thinking it’s a valid Steam client to allow it to download from the Steam game and cloud archives. This is somewhat more involved than merely accessing the chat client or whatnot, which is available externally to the Steam client itself. Steam has no motivation to open up their client-oriented APIs (and in fact would have a motivation to change them if someone tried to make use of them).


I’ve been meaning to test that to find out for sure, but I don’t think that it does. Thanks for mentioning it, next time I see an update scheduled for download on steam I’ll check and see if gog galaxy does it for me.

Yes I’m quite aware of what you would need to do to mimic the steam client and how it would probably also be considered a security breach. But I still want it, trillian did it for instant messengers. Very few of those were happy about it and it was a constant battle for trillian to remain compatible.

It SHOULD technically be entirely possible, if someone wanted to throw enough software engineers at the problem to make it so. I can’t imagine there’s enough value in it to a company to defend the expenditures that would be required however. But it’s a nice dream.


There are more platforms you can use, check this github page:


Although I don’t use multiple launchers (I primarily use Steam for my games), I might just get GOG Galaxy 2.0 just because of how pleasing the launcher is.


Possibly dumb question: do you still get achievements on steam if launched through gog galaxy?
Also what happens if you have a game on steam and gog? Does it let you choose which one to launch or does it automatically launch the one?
I am sooo excited for this :blush: Organisation! Finally T_T


Yes you get achievements.

If you have a game on multiple platforms they will all appear in your library. You can hide games if you don’t want duplicates to take up space.


Alright, so today I had the opportunity to test and can say for certain that GOG will not update a steam game for you. Spotted Frostpunk got an update scheduled by steam to update at 2:46 today, so I closed steam down some time before then and kept gog galaxy running. At a little past 3:30 I relaunched steam to find the Frostpunk update starting immediately.

So that should answer that question now.


Thanks for the update. But, I would presume that if you had tried to launch Frostpunk from GoG that it would update, because GoG is launching Steam to launch Frostpunk, right? And unless you’ve changed your Steam settings, Steam will want to update the game before launching.


That seemd safe to assume yes.


Well since Cultist simulator came down with a case of the updates today I figured I’d just try it for the hell of it and things plays out exactly the same way it does when you try to start a game through steam that has an update pending.


This still seems all pretty pointless to me though. It’s annoying enough that when you launch a Ubi game through Steam it first has to launch Uplay before it launches the game, but here yr actually choosing to have that happen for every single game u play instead of a few…

and imagine if u launch a Ubi game bought on Steam through this, that will then mean it will first launch Steam, which will then launch Uplay, to only then start yr game…


Yes, as I’ve said repeatedly in this thread.
The only real use of it is to have a comprehensive collected list of your games, if that is something you desire.


It is great for my brother that doesn’t pay much attention to games that I get him, he never remembers which launcher has the game we are going to play so this makes it easier for him to find them. Also they need to add twitch into their list to connect to, I always seem to forget about games I have there and I’m not going through that github stuff to make my own connection. But for the most part there are too many problems and not enough usefulness so I tend to agree with you.


Perfect, thanks for that test! I’ll probably end up using it. I always have GoG installed anyhow, may as well take advantage of an integrated library when it goes to 2.0. In that sense it’s not really another client, just an upgrade to an existing one.