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GOG has announced that GOG GALAXY 2.0 will combine all your games into one library.




Exactly what I’ve long said someone needs to do. Now lets hope no one gets their panties in a bunch about it and sues GOG to stop them doing it.

"Install and launch any PC game you own, no matter the platform."
I am very curious about how they intend to accomplish this though.


i mostly use gog for/in “offline” play, but pretty awesome they are making not just big improvements to the utility of galaxy but across the pc gaming platform as a whole
curious to see how this pans out


Oh how I hope! :heart:

Bestie has been saying this for ages as well… But as Fraggles said, politics, so let’s hope, yes?


I was just thinking the same thing. I really hope it pans out. I need this… so much.


Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for that original Galaxy Linux client. :sweat_smile:

Also, I don’t like the idea of having it all connected. Hopefully there will be a “keep private” option for those of us who do not want this sort of thing…


Honestly I do not really see any legal problems arising from this; Steam, Uplay, Razor, etc… all have been doing variations of this for years, although all are incredibly outdated and none as feature rich as GOG is proposing. I am fairly sure that all they need is your permission to tap into your library and not the owners of the platforms. You still have some control on the games you “rent” from these platforms lol. IDK I could be wrong but that seems like the way it works to me or at least the way it has worked.

Anyway this is going to be awesome and much improved on the outdated adding Non-steam games way of doing it.


I could see EA or Ubisoft pitch a fit about a 3rd party application requesting downloads from their servers and would for absolute certain not be above creating blocks to ensure it can’t happen.

Then we might end up in a position where GOG tries to sneak around blocks from other distributors to emulate the way their clients request stuff trying to remain hidden while the others try to detect GOG connections and write scripts to block them.

This is pretty much what went on with instant messengers back in the days. Primarily skype after microsoft bought them were none too happy about letting aggregate messengers connect.

From a legal standpoint I’m sure someone could argue that only the origin application is allowed to access EA’s servers and any other application attempting to do so is a breach of something or other.


I guess we have to wait until it is released but I dont think that is the way it is going to work. I imagine it is more like how Steam and Uplay work where you still need the original launcher to install games, you will just be able to see information about and launch the games from GOG, although it might still have to open the original launcher just like Uplay does now unless of course it is DRM free.


They literally claim you will be able to install and launch any PC game you own through GOG galaxy though. That’s kind of the revolutionary part of the whole thing, adding a non steam game to your steam library is nice and all but that’s not what this is.


I’m looking forward to seeing how Galaxy 2.0 performs




Well I guess we will have to see, but this sounds like they’re contradicting themselves.


lol I was just going to post that


well technically you are still able to install and launch with GOG, it is just going to open another launcher as well lol. I dont think there is any other way of doing it without some type of partnership between the stores.


It’s Playnite but with a few more functions by the look of it (that was the screengrab above, Playnite. I loves it to pieces! :slight_smile: )


That would, for me at least, render the point of it entirely moot. That’s buying ubisoft games on steam kind of dumb.

Sure you can trick a server to interact with your program as if it was another. It just requires that you’ve studied how the traffic looks and make sure your program sends the same identifiers and information in the same formats and structures as the original program does. This is might be legally questionable however.



Jeezuz! I’m embarrassed at the amount of Steam games I have. Nearly as many as Delenn and YQMaoski :wink:


Yeah and many will probably agree. Think it is more for tracking, organization and sorting, chatting, overall bragging rights? Basically the improvements to Steam features that should have been done years ago. Pretty much a one stop shop to see everything your friends are doing with anything gaming related, although if it is like other platforms your friends will need to link everything as well otherwise you wont see their progress. Honestly I just want the organization and sorting part of it, freaking hate steam library sorting and the problem of resorting everything if the file gets corrupt, although Steam has been working on that as well.


-where is blizzard ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: