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GOG Connect is Active For Summer Sale 2018!!!


I just got 5 new FREE Games!


so weird, i won’t give me “all” the games i have on the list :thinking:
for some reason it doesn’t register my hotline miami 2 or kingdom new lands :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :man_shrugging:


@Gnuffi, same here… I clearly have Grim Dawn, Hotline Miami 2, and Kingdom: New Lands in my Steam account…

It might be a timing thing… I have only had Grim Dawn and Hotline Miami 2 for the last 2 weeks or so.

Though Kingdom: New Lands I have had for at least 2 months already… not sure what the cut off is. I did get Amnesia when it was free on Steam in the beginning of the year.


Are your libraries public?
Could be the last snapshot of your library that gog has is not up to date if you decided to keep the steam library private after that update. Otherwise maybe it’s just overloaded and you can try to refresh again later?


I turned my library public after that Steam update, haven’t changed it since…

And I just checked it, still the same…


Region issues perhaps?


I just GOT another game…So maybe it’s overload…


I doubt it. Mainly because I think region-locked games don’t even show up in the store(?)

I will just keep trying…

I guess Fraggles was right, after all. :slight_smile: :+1:

This getting free DRM-free games business is more stressful than I anticipated… :sweat_smile:

I shouldn’t even worry that much about it, since I have the games already on Steam, and that’s where I go to play pretty much all the time now. But it’s free games, and so I just feel the need to get it…

What is wrong with me?


my library is/was always public :man_shrugging:

doubtful for me on gog :wink:

:+1: will try see whats going on later too :smile:


realized i got grim dawn there too… :grimacing:
now i have to spend x00hours on the gog version too to get all achievements there :confounded:

:smile: :rofl:


Third world problems???:thinking:


More like 4th world problems… whatever that means… :rofl: :thinking: :sweat_smile:


OooOooOoo! They showed up!


Do you have to own these games on steam? Or are they giving them away? I don’t understand :sob:


You have to own them on Steam. GOG Connect lets you get GOG copies of participating games you own on Steam.


Nice, some good games added, although one of these days I really need to get Banished :slight_smile:


Thanks, I don’t own any of them :confused: soooo…time well spent :+1:


The one I want and can’t get right now is Prison Architect. I really like the game, I was just stupid enough at one point and bought it on my playstation 4. Now I am stuck with it on console, with the controls clearly meant to be played smoothly on PC… The PS4 controls work, but man is it a hassle. And I don’t want to buy it again, because I know it will be there on my console… :disappointed_relieved:


Wait if I have to own the game why did you say “new games”? @delenn13
I need answers :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They’re “new” because the GOG Connect games list gets updated every now and then, with some games removed and some added. So, they’re “new” to the GOG Connect list.


You need to own them on Steam. Then you need to link your GOG account to your Steam Account. The GOG link is permanent and cannot be changed in the future.

Then you can get them on GOG for free through this… Only during this time period. Then it’s in your GOG library for ever…