GOG 2017 Summer Sale

GOG’s summer sale is happening right now at https://www.gog.com/
Feel free to post any personal recommendations and discussion on titles on sale in this thread

My highlight picks are Mark of The ninja and Witcher 3 of course, because I’m consistent at least, if nothing else.

This game was so great at the time, still pretty good.
Classic CRPG with a neat story and an almost open world to explore. The most interesting twist to the setting is it’s mix of steampunk and magic and how these two forces interact with each other. Magic and technology are incompatible and will both weaken when clashing. Guns will misfire because the actual laws of physics they rely on will be corrupted by magic which works by bending nature to the will of magicians but at the same time their effectiveness will be lessened by presence of ‘high tech’ machinery and gadgets.

It’s a bit of a buggy mess at times, which is probably why it never saw great success and stayed a bit of a cult classic instead. I’ve played it in recent memory though and it’s still good.


I’ll just dump my entire purchase here, at least the ones I’ve been playing.

Spend $10 and get that for free. I played it years ago on Xbox 360 and once more on PC about three years ago. It’s not nearly as good as Alan Wake, but still worth a look as Remedy’s first real stab at time-travel storylines and with the overhauled combat. The survival mode is also quite a bit of fun, and the visuals are incredible for a last gen game.

Normally I’m not a huge fan of 4X’s, but this one’s different. The camera is manageable, the mechanics aren’t too overbearing, it feels like a game you can really learn more or less after a few false starts. It’s even better with friends, and thankfully you can save in the middle of multiplayer matches to continue your 29 hour power struggle without losing too much sleep.

I’ve also been playing this a bit, there’s not much in terms of guidance but I’m having quite a bit of fun. I hear x3 is better, so I bought Terran War Pack for once I finish.

I blindly purchased this because Lazy Game Reviews recommended it in his curation, who’s 100% objectively correct in everything old-school. Moto Racer is awesome, and feels surprisingly great for an old racer. I also got POD, but its physics seem very… wrong. I’m guessing it’s compatibilty errors.

Tex Murphy Overseer is a remake of the original Tex Murphy game, which is far beyond the point of no return in old games (typing out verbs). The games from Under a Killing Moon onwards were all FMV-based adventure games, first person through an extremely janky but manageable interface. It follows an extremely incompetent and weird detective in a cyberpunk universe… and that’s all I can really do to put it into words, really.

Here’s one I bought a few years back, which still happens to be one of my favorite games of all time-- a lonely list next to Metroid Prime 3, Gears of War 3, Halo 2/3/ODST (don’t make me decide), Sid Meier’s Pirates!, and Psychonauts. It’s a first person shooter with horror elements, a plot bordering on supernatural but mostly within reason, an awesome high contrast aesthetic with some of the finest ballistic effects I’ve ever seen, and a ridiculous slow-motion mechanic that simply never gets old. Have you ever seen what it’s like to throw a grenade, pop slow-motion, shoot that grenade in mid-air, and watch a wave of distortion and light warping ripple out, knocking guards off their feet and evaporating an unfortunate few near the epiccenter? Yes, shooting your own grenade, or landmine, depending on your ammo situation. Between that and the fact that it can use a bag of legally safe Cheetos to build tension, I’d say the recommendation is obvious.

Speaking of which, two of my other all-time favorites are also available on GOG:

I have a few other recommendations as well:


Things to get on GOG during summer sale:

ever wanted to roleplay yourself some Jedi/Sith badassery while constantly getting mocked and reminded of being a meatbag? (note: Video is not indicative of game graphics quality, just the poor recording/uploading)
Best Star Wars adventure RPG experience ever!, with turnbased combat.

(yes i know it’s on steam too if you prefer unified library, but not currently on sale)

For the X-com fans or oldtimey turn based strategy management

the classic turn based hero’ing of

(much better than the “HD version” on steam) and Heroes 1 and 2 aint bad either, 4 can be a bit weird if already loving HOM3 but it’s okay if open minded and tolerant of the changes, neither which is on Steam btw

Rayman 1+2+3, yes GOG is selling you Rayman that steam doesn’t, check all 3 and dont miss out!

more strategy management goodness, classics never die

and one of the best open world “action” RPG’s ever, also very subtly featuring (non-twillight) Vampires

some more “management” stuff in the og City builders

(if you don’t mind the lowball discount check out Caesar 3)

some “non”-populous Populous

(yes i actually like this 1, so sue me, but check out the original and superior, but way different, predecessors too)

and the shooter that made every man woman and child begin and want to get kill streaks and become Unstoppable


Heroes of Might and Magic 3… still worth it? When I was younger I just couldn’t get around the strategy required, so never got too far into it.

yes still very much worth it imo
whatever strategy that might have been daunting at a young age should quickly be overcome today, as it’s honestly fairly casual in singleplayer and campaign, and not exactly a very steep learning curve.
Multiplayer is always another matter, but personally love the solo experience more anyway
And ofc with the help of the internet, it’s even more manageable as one can look up anything one stumbles upon that gives pause to question.
Even if going for something like “optimal” min-maxing, is decently enough to comprehend just by casually browsing and glancing a couple of pages online
I never “mastered” multiplayer beyond the casual chill with friends and family, but still greatly enjoyed the game as a whole and especially in solo, not a re-purchase i regret from GOG, even if i too did struggle a bit with it 18 years ago
after losing my disc i was more than happy to get the backup on GOG, well worth it to waste some time on, even without nostalgia goggles :smile_cat:


Just go Rampart with Kyrre as your first hero, she gets a LOT of movement points and gets all the useful skills. With her superior mobility you can claim more resources faster which will let you upgrade stuff faster and you’ll never be ran down by enemy heroes you don’t want to fight.

She makes the game a breeze.


The summer sale is wrapping up and as part of the finale they are giving this game away for free.


The actual free, not the “spend $10 first” free =P

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