Giveaway stream on twitch



i’ll be streaming steam giveaways for the next 7 or 8 hours… for everyhour on the hour

all u gotta do is comment anything on the chat an you will elgible to win a game of your choice from this website…
hope to see ya there… gl


Hey tis cool. I’ll drop by in a bit to say hi. Cool idea too, @xxoonxx1.


I’m just seeing this now lol. I guess I’ve missed it. Btw Idk why the post was flagged.


I dunno. I wondered afterwards if it isn’t sorta, maybe, soliciting?


I can’t imagine why would anyone flag this.

@xxoonxx1 created a very nice setup for conducting his giveaway(s) - both when it comes to the presentation and raffling/delivery

@delenn13, could you shine a light onto this, please?


I am working on getting some answers. It wasn’t me…


I flagged it. It felt spammy to me, with the random nickname, copy-paste text and a suspicious link


Good enough reasons, I thought similar things. Didn’t want to click the suspicious link to verify though.


@delenn13 I can provide a comment, as I’ve watched almost the entire stream.

xxoonxx1 has put a lot time end effort to create something great and was kind enough to share it with this community.
The twitch link requires no comment. The second URL is easily verifiable using virustotal and other freely available online tools.
The OP and entire event was purely decent, entertaining, selfless, very generous and warranted no misgiving.

Once again, thank you @xxoonxx1!


What’s odd looking about a twitch link? Unless you’re not used to the platform? Really wonder why a flag was done. I’d rather know than keep guessing.

Spent a bit of time on the stream, while crocheting as well. It’s was just nice and chill. Not required to subscribe or even follow. :thinking:


Finally got an an answer and thank you @SeekerSupreme and @Danacscott for the positive feedback.

I don’t know anything about Twitch…

Am very sorry, @xxoonxx1, for the confusion and thank you for the giveaway.


There were 2 links, the second was suspicious. But it’s good to know it was legit after all


sorry bout that n no im not selling nothing im just trying to get rid of steam games… ive done it for a bit but im just a newbie streamer trying to make a name… i figured i come here often y now let the community here get a chance at a game…this community is always been good here…

Anyways with this in mind NOT ALL steam keys work… theres no way for me to check if the keys still work… these games are all duplicate to me and i get through bundles like fanatical etc

I will b doing this… n hopefully a better job Next Next Monday… 09/14/20 2am pdt
once u join giveaway u are in it till the end of the stream u wont have to be there n u will get 48 hours to chose your game… check the list some good games tho are also some garbo games not gonna lie but hey maybe some ppl would like to get a good laugh/torture


i watched the stream a bit when he was playing victomacy or dicplomacy i don’t rembember well, but i didn’t know about a page that tells you about viruses, i’m glad that wasn’t any scam because i click the link without any caution :sweat_smile:


I will b going live again soon… next giveaway stream will b active in about 30 mins


Ack~ Woke up late today. Sorry I missed your spooky Thursday too - been cleaning like a demon then resting like a pig in mud. :rofl:


Live again for some steam giveaways…
ive recently got several new games added to the list
b/c of a babysitting job (im kinda forced into) i gots cash 2 spend
i will be doing this every Monday rather than every other monday
Same Rules Apply
1.Enter the Code of the day once n u will be elgible till the end of the stream
2 Anyone Can Join but followers get a 2x chance 2 win and Subcribers get a 3x chance to win
3. You can only win once till the next one (give others a chance to win)
4. Even if you are not on stream or have things to do… (i get it) u have 48 hours to redeem a game
5. Lastly Good Luck Everyone

P.S. the games i play on stream are all on my giveways page… im basically trying to show off or even try some of these games myself so you might see a game u like + u might get that chance to win it


Ah missed you today kiddo. Slept in - much needed. >.< We still on for tomorrow evening and Among Us?


OH yh no doubt… i b on in the afternoon with a homie n about 6 others…
but thats their stream this is my strean we will see who joins


Stream Giveaway numero 5
same time n place… dont forget your lucky rabbits foot