Giveaway stream on twitch



give away numbah 6… oh i got some more added games… some really good
ive been thinking of doing games for a random game giveaway in between the hourly ones
something like a spin wheel with colors seperating with a wheel with the lucky spin to be able to choose game
but i need some game ideas ppl can participate with
… anyways im live no but i do my 1st hour next hour… for me 3am (x2) pdt


Dude! The insomnia got me good. I got and watched my bestie dad working on my mirror frame. Yea, I’m a crafting con. :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you had a fun stream today. ^^


Thanks for the good idea and hope this gets you some followers!


Games giveaway stream numbah 7…
Besides the Games from My Website Heres the List for the Added Games this Round:
Assault Suit Leynos
Attack of the Earthlings
American Fugitive
Beat Cop
Blitzkrieg Anthology
Chicago 1930 : The Prohibition
Codex of Victory
Devil’s Hunt
F1 2018
Graveyard Keeper
GRIP: Combat Racing
Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Ittle Dew
Lucius Demake + soundtrack
Lucius II + soundtrack
Lucius III + Soundtrack
Quantum Conundrum
Space Rangers HD: A War Apart
Super Mutant Alien Assault
The Coma: Recut
The Deed
Think of the Children
V-Rally 4
We Are The Dwarves
XIII - Classic
Yesterday Origins

FUDGE… How am I gonna get rid of these Games… i get More than what i give each stream… FML
I will be Live 4 hours from My recommendation for this nights stream is - XII -Classic… and Graveyard Keeper
good luck and hope to see ya there


This streams are always when I’m sleeping lol, hopefully I will catch one eventually.


@xxoonxx1 I woke up. My mother called. I forgot why I’d set the alarm in the first place, and went back to sleep. >.<’


i’ll try doing it a bit later next time… i can manage 8am pdt at best… n they 8 hours less im sleepy than its 7 hours but i still give out 8 games regardless


For anyone curious Today or should i say tommorow for me… only this monday i will Move my stream 6 hours from 2am to 8am pdt (meaning im start the stream at 8am pdt) … I didnt get any new games n thats more or less cus i didnt see any good specials this week… i will b trying other games from the list tho… might run into something unexpectedly good… anyways hope to see yall there… but no worries if ya cant
happy haunting


Set a labelled alarm today to meet up with you and gotta to do the same for Among Us day. :stuck_out_tongue: Your schedule says 3 pm AST though and this post says you’ll start at 11 am AST. :thinking:


last min Holloween special n giveaway… playing some spooky some games i like and the like… Long stream
New Games added this week:
Ittle Dew 2+
Home Sweet Home
Juanito Arcade Mayhem
Western Press
Trailer Trashers
Mana Spark
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men
Torchlight II
F1 Race Stars Complete Edition
Overlord: Ultimate Evil Collection
Graveyard Keeper

My recommendation:
Graveyard keeper, Home Sweet Home, ittle dew 2+, torchlight 2 II



frets I missed. Hope can check ye tomorrow. I’m up late - again.


up to same ol tricks and only a handful of new games…
stream is up try n win ya some games…
website been updated in alphabetic order with few exceptions
gl everyone


Better Late Than DEAD


I’m Feeling really good about this giveaway… Came Across a lot of good games for Mon
here’s a list of some new games joining the fray
(**note i’m just naming games i got for the 1st time on this giveaway… there’s more)
Chroma Squad
dungeon souls
galaxy of pen & paper +1
gods trigger
guacamelee 2
ibb & obb
out there
outcast second contact
star wars the force unleash ultimate sith edition
santuary rpg: black edition
Shadow blade reload
Streets of rogue
the deed dynasty
when ski lifts go wrong

hope to se ya there if not your good… take care and GL yall
stream will begin as usual 2AM PST


It is Time for another Stream giveaway… Coupled with new games… some of which are:

A Robot Named Fight!
A VAlley W/o Wind 1 & 2
Bit dungeon II
Hyperspace Invaders II: Pixel Edition
Road Redemption
Through the flame n flood
this book is a dungeon

try your luck… if you dare muahaha… or watev its fine… i’m just bored


You must be tired. That evil laugh was way too short.


what evil laugh… that was a wholesome family friendly laugh…