Giveaway : Goat Simulator: GOATY/ Kentucky Route Zero (ENDED)

I have a steam key for Goat Simulator: GOATY and one for Kentucky Route Zero.
I will give them to the first people to ask (1 game per person). Please only ask if you really want the game. Sorry if I wasn’t supposed to post this here


I think it’s ok bro, maybe just add giveaway into the title?
I don’t want either, would just like to say to people that might read this if they don’t read the Game Dealz thread or check out bundles it’s in the Humble Indie Bundle 18 at the beat the average tier. :slight_smile:

yeah that’s where I got them from

i want

Kentucky Route Zero, specifically, I doubt my computer will run goat simulator

I would love GOATY if possible…

I would like Goat simulator

alright I sent pms with the codes to the first two (Paulinho and TheMagicWalrus). Please confirm they worked if possible

It did, just finished downloading, Thanks much.

alright, cool

Download will take a little while for me. Thanks! :slight_smile: