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So, I ended up buying this bundle in duplicity due to a transaction error, so it’s up for grabs for the community.


To qualify for one of the games you need to ADVERTISE somewhere. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Steam… just post somewhere about the great deals people are missing out on and send me a screenshot of it (can be via PM, but it would be much more transparent if you posted it here).

  • Doodle Devil
  • Alice’s Patchwork
  • Alice’s Patchworks 2
  • Mahjong World Contest
  • Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes Collector’s Edition

I might be interested in Doodle Devil, I would need to look at more info on it first.

Just to do something here. I help run a discord server for a clan of a game I play (recently became the leader) and I put a #freegames there and left a promo for this site as the first post.


And I just noticed my spelling error… RIP me…

Doodle Devil is pretty sweet TBH. Good game.

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I looked at the steam page, I watched the video and I couldn’t possibly figure out what the game even was. All they showed you were menus.

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It has me curious. Vs the others that seem to be point and click adventures.

You put elements together to create other elements. So, for instance, you put together Air and Fire to create Steam, and the use Steam with Wood to make a Steam Boat, and so on.

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Well since nobody wants the other games, can I get one of them? It doesn’t matter which one, I’ll just say Portal of Evil :smiley: Thanks ! Here’s a screenshot (Some of the words are in Bulgarian :smile: )

I speculate most people asked via pm, but idk.

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