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Giveaway: Emberlight (Closed)


It’s fairly new explaining why I didn’t hear of it until now…Seems interesting tho
RPG Rogue-lite…
Would love to enter…


:thinking: Nah!

I have SOOOOO many games now I haven’t played. I would rather it go to someone who doesn’t have a lot of games and will play it. It would be greedy of me to enter.

But thanks for the offer, @YQMaoski :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


The thing I like about these giveaways and Raffles is, that you can ask for games you really like and want to play, not only collecting any available keys.
Really thank you guys for making these giveaways.


@mediiiiiiii, two questions:

  1. are you entering?

  2. Do you remember how many I’s are at the end of you name, or is it autofilled? :rofl:

Anyway, you are welcome, and if you enter, good luck!


Nah, I didnt meant to enter this giveaway. Sorry if I confused you. Just wanted to highlight the good part about these giveaways that happen here on the forum (community).

Honestly? 8 is my favorite number and most of the times 8medi or medi8 account names are already taken. So if I dont want to mix the amount of i’s behind “med” is better for me to use the same amount of i’s everywhere (like Steam or League of Legends and so.).

@YQMaoski thank you once again for the giveaway and I wish good luck to participants.


Bump, just in case anyone’s not reading too far down the recent list of threads…


Not entering, but thanks for the giveaway @YQMaoski!


CLOSED FOR ENTRIES. I am away from home right now. I will message the winner when I get back, be a few hours from now.


Best of Luck To EVERYONE!!

PS I would love to hear more about this game from anyone with experience playing it.


Rolls done. PM sent to winner.