Giveaway: Emberlight (Closed)

The kind developer of this game has provided us some keys for promotional purposes.

One of these keys we have reserved specifically for the Chrono community.

Because it is a developer-provided key for the giveaway, it’ll be open to everyone.

The rules are simple:

  1. Everyone can enter.
  2. Giveaway ends Sunday, November 10, 2019 at time of Chrono daily deal refresh. (9 AM Pacific, 12 PM Eastern)
  3. Winner must add me on Steam and have a public games profile, so I can confirm that you activate the key on your account. If you want to make things private afterwards and kick me off your friend list, I don’t mind.
My Steam profile

Steam Community :: YQMaoski

  1. Roll will be done by RNG basis.
  2. The winner will have 24 hours to respond to the initial PM I send after the first roll to confirm the continued interest, and you will need to add me on Steam. If not done on time, the game will be rolled to another individual.
  3. Do not enter last minute/second/(a minute after and ask me if you have been included).
  4. At least go and check out the game, I expect everyone who actually enters for this giveaway will have enough interest to add it to his/her/their wishlist. And if you don’t win, consider buying the game. (Which means that you shouldn’t look at this giveaway as a +1 to your library or something to bury. Don’t enter if you have little interest in actually playing the game.)

Best of luck everyone! And you can like the post if you wish, or not. But more importantly, please say thanks to the kind developer who has given the key to this brand new game–Wishlisting on Steam is a great way to say thanks. (A purchase is, of course, even better.)

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New Key Available:

The developer has contacted us and provided another key for the community, so follow the same rules as above, and all entries beyond this point shall be for the key ending on Wednesday, September 25, 2019.

Good luck for all those of you who enter!

(I expect at least the same folks who didn’t win the first time to enter, but I will leave the decision to chance fate one more time in your own hands!)

Oct 7, 2019:

Same rules as above, new key, to end on Saturday this week at around time of daily deal refresh.

November 3, 2019:
New key, to run for one week, everyone welcome!


Thanks for the giveaway @YQMaoski. I already had it on my Wishlist. Not entering…as usual.



I do love a roguelike so consider me entered. Though I am a little confused why they decided to market as “true” roguelite when this looks like a like to me. Maybe will be made clearer if you play the game.

The absorb/corruption mechanic sounds like an interesting concept lending a unique twist to the proceedings.


I agree… it looks awesome!.

It is so nice of the developer to give us the opportunity to get a key! I hadn’t heard of this game before, but I definitely am interested in the game! Guess that makes two people to ‘Consider Entered’!


Thank you very much @YQMaoski for this nice giveaway :slight_smile: Game looks really nice and just right up my alley but i’ll skip this one. Backlog is breathing down my neck hard as it is ,need to beat some games before entering anything hehe!


@DontBeSilly, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t enter if you can’t play it right away, I just don’t want people who are not actually interested in the game to enter. If you change your mind, you can still flip that switch to on. :smiley: You have more than a week to chew on it. (Even for a sloth, that should be enough time, right?) :wink:

To be honest, I would rather all of the Chrono regulars who are active in the forums with interest in the game to enter. So think about it. This applies to @delenn13 as well!


I’d very much like to enter!
I’m a big fan of rogue-likes (and RPG’s for that matter).

The thing about Emberlight that caught my eye the most was the gimmick where the most corrupted party member becomes a boss in the next playthrough. Imagine if this was applied to a soulsborne game…


I don’t understand something here … What do you mean exactly? You have like tons of NPCs “losing it” in every From Software game?


Love turned based games, unlike most other gamers I know. I’m guessing it’s because I grew up playing turn based RPGs. As soon as I find a person to full play Divinity 2 with I’m getting that asap :stuck_out_tongue:
this game looks like it could be fun, I’m hoping for an interesting story or lore as well as a nice combat system. :smile:

look at me already starting to talk as if I won :man_facepalming:

I’d love to enter the drawing :slight_smile:
Also just added you on steam Mr YQMaoski, win or not, you sound like a fun guy from what I can tell from the post here on Chrono. (You can still ignore the friend request if you so please :sweat_smile:)

How cool is it that a developer chooses to hand some keys to Chrono!? Wonderful choice on his part because as far as i can see this community really doesnt seem to have like negative people.

Kudos to Quarter Onion Games <3


NPC’s going crazy or losing themselves is common in the soulsborne games, yeah. But having to fight one of your characters from a previous playthrough is quite new i think. The only thing that comes close is Nioh (not a fromsoft game though), where you can fight ghosts from other players that died in the area.


You have it even better… with invasions and if you are lucky you will fight people that didn’t died so you can have some fun :slight_smile:
Almost everyone is making the same build anyway :smiley:


I’d like to enter. The style of the game is lovely and the mechanic everyone is talking about sounds intriguing. Perhaps that’s another way to make it so you never play the game the same way twice.

Also, I can definitely run this one, lol. Thanks @YQMaoski and the nice Onions for making this possible. ^^


Thanks for the givaway! The game looks awesome and it have a very interesting mechanics


I want in as well :blush:

Although having to fight one of your former partymates as the villain on your next playthrough kinda feels backstabbish especially if you’ve become invested in your virtual buddies only for some of them to go Anakin on you :confused:


I’d like to enter. Looks pretty cool. Definitely a lot more roguelike than most games that market themselves as such.


I’ll abstain from this one. Thanks for the giveaway to the community though!

I would play it but I tend to not like rogue-likes so it will probably be wasted on me. It should instead definitely go to someone who is guaranteed to like it. :slight_smile:

Thanks again and good luck to everyone!


@YQMaoski thank you I would like to enter


i’ma chew on that idea !


Steam wont let me add you because they want my money first. Can I still enter?


Send me your profile link, I can add you even if you can’t add me.

You only need to add me if you win.