Giveaway Cooldown: See you soon

Hi everyone, and a million thanks for all your participation and feedback in my recent giveaways. I’m going to take a 3-day break while I prepare for the next wave :smile:

In the mean time, please let me know which game you liked the most.

I will use this feedback to contribute effort to improving the community’s favourite game. Votes are anonymous.

  • Raffle
  • Lottery
  • Roulette
  • Bingo

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In a comment, feel free to offer the reasoning for your choice.

I look forward to seeing everyone in a few days.



What’s the difference between a raffle and a lottery in this case?


Raffle was where you allocated tickets on prizes you wishes to win

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Lottery was where you chose Harvest and Moon Phase



Raffle i’d say . At least dumb-dumbs like me can participate ;D


I chose raffle so I can tailor my entry to my own priorities.


I prefer raffle so i can choose what prize to go for.Also because there’s less RNG involved.


So how would you all feel about doing a Live raffle, like we did with Bingo?

Prizes would be drawn one at a time.

If your name is called and you don’t reply during the “rest” period, we draw another ticket to call the winner.

Rest period could be increased to 5-7 minutes, or whatever everyone thinks is a good balance between fair & fun – we don’t want to keep live players waiting forever.


EDIT: Once prizes are announced, we could set drawing times at least seven (7) days in advance, having a specific day/time chosen by poll


Hmmmm… interesting :+1:

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I really liked the general look of the lottery (raking especially) but I see raffle as more functional since it allows to prioritize games :wink:


Its fun to see how with the number of voters in the poll so far (15) each time i change my result and see how much it counts for it really affects the results a lot lol

Also bingo was fun but raffle was most practical,
Lottery was cool too. I didnt do roulette cos that felt too gambly to me ahah


I am kind of against this. I am lucky if I can slink away from work about once an hour to check chrono, so unlikely to be a feasible option for me. But if other people want to do it that way, you can certainly give it a shot and see what happens.


It’s really limiting to people who cant be online at that very moment :slight_smile: Time zones,jobs and other stuff will leave a lot of people out like that.

But it’s really up to you. If you want to do what you feel is fun for you you should do it ! :slight_smile: Community will adapt.

Raffle is going to be most accessible for biggest number of people at the end of the day.


I kind of like the concept but I’d be just as happy to do a normal raffle instead if that’s what the people want :grin:


Really enjoyed the Bingo, but the Raffle (with tickets), does let you choose exactly what you want. Plus it seems fairer on folks who can’t be online in real time.

Do understand that’s a bit more work for you to organise, esp. if you have to wait on people to pick the prize they want.


Well I don’t see why there’s a fascination about this at all… it might be fun for like 1-2 times if someone is willing to stick through it, that is. It’s more work for the giveaway creator and more work for the participants.

In the Bingo I had bingo in the last draw, but I didn’t knew about it, because draw 3 or 4 got apparently edited. I knew it was repeat from the previous round, but thanks to all the spam happening I missed the ediit entirely (probably expected that it’s natural to get new post 'cuz there were like 6-7 more in the mean time) … the automated system never said I had it and I never knew about it until I showed a fellow chronie my numbers and he told me that 19 has already been drafted. I don’t mind at all that, but someone else might. How is drawing random winner from random entries any different, while it actually makes it way easier for everyone involved.

Just maybe… maybe people should play more of their steam games instead of playing games to win yet another steam game. Just my two cents.


As exciting as the bingo was, I feel like the ticket raffle is fairest. It’s already been said by others, but time zones and schedules are going to leave people out. And leaving the time to a vote just means that the losing minority will never have a chance to play. Since I work from home, I have an availability advantage that’s going to be difficult to compete with.

The problem being solved by the giveaways is, in my view, somewhat orthogonal to the way you seem to be thinking of it. The fact is, people end up with games they don’t want (usually due to bundles), and it’s not doing anybody any good to just sit on them. A giveaway allows them to distribute those games to people who actually want them in a reasonably fair way (as opposed to the other methods sometimes used, like dumping the keys in a post, or just giving them to the first person who happens to be online and available to ask).


I know that really well and I gave up a bit thanks to @Gnuffi, but I don’t see how it’s more fascinating to play a game for a game instead of playing your back log instead, while entering a raffle. Different giveaways… different rules. The OP is asking for a vote and I give him what I think.

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I would probably choose Bingo just because doing it live was really quite fun even though I was disqualified due to not noticing the two 65’s I had in my “O” column. :sweat_smile: OOPS. It was still fun to see all of the outcomes and who was going to win. Doing it live was just that more exciting. It is unfair to those who can’t attend live because then they get screwed over just because they weren’t able to be there for whatever reason. Which is really unfortunate since live is a lot of fun. It just felt like there was just more to Bingo just because of having it live. Now if they were all live I might choose something else. But, for now Bingo is my choice. :grin:


@onLooSe I’m sorry you had a negative experience. I corrected the mistake Drawing 4 asap. Two more winners announced a BINGO in that round so I thought people were still on track. I did make a post about it, so it’s unfortunate it was buried for you. There were five (5) winners on Drawing 8 and the last prize was claimed by an online player before the auto-reponder would’ve said BINGO on your behalf.

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It’s no worries at all, but doing it live … stuff like this is bound to happen and no way around it :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t have even mentioned it if you didn’t made that vote topic.

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