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Giveaway Cooldown: See you soon


And I cast the same vote as you, I’m just trying to explain the utility of the giveaways. It’s not that it’s “more fascinating to play a game for a game instead of playing your back log instead,” because the two activities are not mutually exclusive.

You may as well ask why people want jobs that pay more than a living wage but take up so much of their time. Without getting into the politics of income disparity, a lot of people could get by just fine working half time. But it’s a trade. You trade some time doing one thing so you can have more of what you want, even if you then have less time in which to do it. Because a) that’s how you get more of what you want and b) you can’t realistically spend every waking hour doing the things you want anyway, you need a break. I mean, I could ask why you’re on a game forum instead of playing a game. You need a break to let you enjoy it more.

To say nothing about gambling and the addictiveness thereof (which many games actively exploit to keep your interest). Humans naturally enjoy a game of chance.


Raffle is the easiest to understand and can’t mess up. But Bingo is the most fun. :wink:


The raffle was the cleanest and simplest. The lottery and roulette I didn’t understand at all D8! Bingo seemed fun, but I didn’t have time to participate.


I preferred the raffle. It seemed the cleanest and easiest for everyone to follow.


hi peeps


Late to the discussion, only seen the bingo before this.
I voted for raffle, although the lottery wouldn’t be bad either.
Bingo was fun live, but not everyone can be present for that, so you can lose your prize if you aren’t there. And it doesn’t really keep it’s flair not live.
You could keep bingo live, but alter it to choosing the prizes after all the number draws, in the order of the bingos. So if you aren’t there and have an early bingo, you still have top picks.
The live aspect of it is for when there are multiple bingos in one draw, the people there can still call bingo to be the first of that draw.


Good idea


I liked both, the lottery and the raffle. the roulette was too complicated for me ^^’


While all where interesting, I prefer the raffle as I can choose the games I wish to put in for. Often, there are only a couple from the list that I would want.


I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. We’ll be back in giveaway gear tomorrow evening with Raffle 4.

Stay tuned :tv:


Nifty. Hope you guys are all doing good. Weekend almost over. Still, bank holiday here tomorrow.