🎁 small giveaway, again, 🎁 (closed)

EDIT: Closed, Winners have all been PM’d their keys/gift links

I want music!

you heard me,
pop your game wish in the comments followed by a youtube link(or other), to a nice piece of tunes(that you like), that i can listen to while doing the random selections
(PS. cat/dog/animal videos with music playing counts too) :smile_cat:

As always, kindly only ask for a game you want/intend to play, and do try to keep it to 1 primary wish only,
unless if you want one of the consolation prize games, put one of those as your secondary wish

Winners will be chosen at random, but remember the music to make it count :ghost:

Renegade Ops Collection

The Flame in the Flood


Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

The Walking Dead: Season 1 (note: !must! be redeemed before key expiration date; September 23rd, 2017!)

Goat Simulator (standard edition, not goaty)

One Finger Death Punch (note: !must! be redeemed before key expiration date; October 31st 2017!)

consolation prizes:
If you do want one of these 2 games just name it as your primary, but in case you want another game, but doesn’t win it, feel free to list one of these 2 as secondary/consolation prize in your comment
Avencast: Rise of the Mage

Space Hack

(PPS. sry @chraffx for encroaching on your giveaway, but i’ve had this in mind for a little while, combined with a couple of expirable keys it seemed about time)


(PS. this is not related to what music to put in your comments, put whatever music you like, the song just seemed a little fitting for this “theme”)


Oh crap, missed the bundle.

I could really use that copy of Vermintide. I’ve bought it three times so far, and when I saw that Humble Bundle including Drachenfels, I was about to buy a fourth copy for one more friend.

I was going to put down You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood here, I like that song ironically but… let’s play it safe with forum rules, the mods are nice here.

EDIT: Why didn’t I pick my other ironic choice? Wait, what is my choice? What… what is choice?
Or… is choice real? What is move?

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The flame in the flood would be good! :slight_smile:

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But I already own all these games, oh well here have some music anyway. Because sharing music is reward itself.

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Warhammer: end times and here have a song from one of my personal favorite bands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBA0PUQCvIA

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I’d love one finger death punch.:grin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0TbXDqa0QY

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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide


@yaah are you aware of or listened to Apocalyptica?

If not I think you probably should.

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Goat Simulator

(might be too epic tho)

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yea happens sometimes, especially when we buy the same bundles :smile_cat:
i still appreciate the music entry :thumbsup:

yup :+1: @yaah
2cellos aint bad either

something about classical instruments being used in a “modern” way/interpretation that just seem to highlight how awesome both things are separate and combined
making “classical” - “rock/metal”, why yes that sounds like an amazing concept, strings ain’t just for the opera or philharmonics no more!

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The flame and the flood would be pretty nice mah dude.


Hey ! First thanks for this giveaway that’s very nice. I really want the flame in the flood and actually this music is the one I’m listening to the most atm : https://youtu.be/65BAeDpwzGY?list=PLDaGs3vSw3uZ3FAqGKg1M7PAvvfIR5M4-
Well, lots of people don’t like japanese / anime music so I don’t know but in my opinion this is good bro.


Just going to sneak another little something in here.

I’ll try to not clog your thread up with non-submissions much more than this, but I can’t promise anything.

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Hmmm so much music and can only put one song in here, I think since you put ABBA in your first reply (I know it was just for the title but eh) I will go with a new song with old school vibes which i believe is very popular at the moment. Don’t want a game just want to chuck some music in, thanks for doing another giveaway though.

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Renegade Ops Collection and yet again you are so generous!

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Thanks yet again for this giveaway, very nice of you :slight_smile:
I’d only be interested in Vermintide, but since I’m already entering for that at chraffx’s giveaway, I’ll pass this time and just torture you with some of the music I like :smirk:

ps: I’m quite amazed at all the different tastes in this threat alone, great idea to ask for music :+1: :smiley:

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I don’t want a game…but I want to add to the music…How about some Lindsey Stirling?


no problem at all, the more the merrier!

Not entering the giveaway, but here’s some music :smiley:

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Not entering just joining in :smile_cat:
Anything by Two Steps from Hell, though Protectors of the Earth is my favourite

You may recognise Hole in the Sun from the Witcher 3 trailer A Night to Remember.

And I will throw in Malukah as well who does covers of game music (Skyrim, Witcher, Destiny, Dragon Age), and other geeky things (LOTR, GOT). I like the way she edits the video to simultaneously include the videos of the individual instruments and back up vocals.

Above has been viewed more than 20 million times :scream_cat:

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