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Getting into FPS Games


Boy, don’t you sound patronizing :roll_eyes:

Tunnel vision? care to expand your statement? cuz it makes no sense to me, they only thing I can get from it is you talking about FOV, which is really an issue with the platform not the peripheral.

I think I clearly stated that, not to mention, that is quite a presumptuous statement, I’m more than sure you’ll have no problems finding players who do competitive on PC wit a pad, they may not be top tier ones but they can sure as hell pull their own weight.

Right, because having actual 360º of movement is much more restrictive than the 8-way keyboards offers, and is not like you can tweak the sensitivity on that pad eiter for sure.

So I take you haven’t heard of Doom, Titan Fall 2, Wolfenstein, Overwatch, Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six Siege, Warface, + others being on console too then? where people do play then on game-pads.

I’ve never had any issues whatsoever managing my options on a pad, I really don’t see any difference between removing one finger from a stick to press a button tan moving one finger from a button to press another.

Lastly, I’ve never claimed that a gamepad was better than a keyboard, only that I prefer using one instead of the other, but that close-minded mentality that you should only use one input method for a particular genre, period, and not only that but making fun of the people who do, is something I will never tolerate at all, there’s a really good disabled player who plays PUBG with his mouth for cristh sake, why is getting skilled using a game-pad such a hard concept to grasp for some people Is something will nevet get.

PD: sorry if the tone of your comment wasn’t the one you intended for it to have, but in the end is the one I got, and sadly thats the only hting that matters in written language.
Mods, feel free to edit or delete this if you don’t find apropiated for the forums.


Sry for my english. Anyway i would have to just repeat myself, you just didnt bring anythin new here, i think we said it all here already before…
Discussing tips, experience, point of view, pros n cons, and what not. Yea, making fun, why not rly, i dont see a problem.


In fact there are many top tier controller players on the PC…it’s on my radar because of my current Apex obsession but a recent tournament was won by a team where one of it’s members uses an XBone pad. Just check out Nicewigg…who’s even been signed up to an esports team.


Yea, exceptions are still exceptions.

Superheroes with joypad, aight, gotcha :smile:

Did you see that?! That Battle Royale ThumbMaster just erased that Quake MasterRace player!?! Big Thumbs up! Can’t believe my Bananas!



@YQMaoski and I have almost beaten The Division. Did we want to slate a game to play in behind that or should we find something else until you get a Not Almost Potato computer?

P.S. Beaten means story-line, Completed means ALL THE THINGS.


Found a good deal for Killing Floor - 1st game. Seems everybody has it and it’s easy on my potato to run stats wise. It’s also way cheaper than Borderlands, lol.

What do you guys think?


Personal opinion
Killing floor 1 aint no slouch, but, it can also get super repetitive fast, and you basically only have the fun your friends allow

Borderlands 2, (biased), is miles better,
-if you can get that there complete pack, Handsome or whatever it might be called, for 6 bucks or less i’d consider it a total steal
Not just because of the fun you can have with friends, but because it also allows you solo play entertainment
(technically KF allows this too, buuut it’s not exactly spectacular solo entertainment)
The flipside of BL2 is it gets repetitive in a diff way. Meaning while you can probably have a ton of fun the first time, and maybe also the 2nd time running through the campaign, by then it might have lost some of its charm for some people. Going over the same jokes etc again and again. And then becomes a matter of whether you find the different lvling, classes, challenges, bosses, OP etc etc engaging with/without friends. That said there are tons of content and hours in “just 1 playthrough”, besides the class variation too ofc

Personally i think BL2, even for 6 bucks, vs Killing Floor “for free”, is still the better choice, despite even if it would amount to just the 1x run through experience before getting tired of it.
^But i also have over 400 hours in the game so i might be one of those that was slightly more captivated by the game than the avg person :blush:

If you can tune your system/access to allow for BL2 i’d pick that any day. But if ease and availability mainly allows for Killing Floor, it’s not a terrible coop shooter experience(tho Left For Dead 1/2 might be a cheap coop option too)


@Gnuffi Cool and thanks. Bordlerlands 2 it is then. Not worried about repetition much either way, as likely I won’t be playing for hours on a stretch or every single day. Post health issues, it seems I do better with playing anything in short bursts of time. It’s been hard to decide what to choose due to potato restraints and generally, I’m inherently shy of change, lol. Any FPS will be new - I don’t even play shoot 'em up games.

Winback is one of the few things I did play, but it was mostly 3rd person. It was actually really fun, but agh did I get Jean Luc killed - a whole bunch. Last co-op I did was the local kind in Armored Core 2/3 - another game where the missions get repetitive fast but again, never minded that.

Since I’m up (grr! phone, grr! cute cats), will peek at Left for Dead. Cheers. :sunny:


Man I screwed up. I fell asleep - that’s not a bad thing itself, but Steam’s turnover time is not mine - the sale has ended. I missed Borderlands 2 - again.

hides in the shame corner


I found this…


Thanks hon :slight_smile: All I could find at Fanatical etc was the Mac version. :heart:


It says it activates in Malaysia … Herm… Dunno if that shuts me out altogether


get off your VPN :wink:
check the restriction tab
if you are somehow getting bounced through malaysia, you might need to check your ip( etc to see if that’s correct or just winstore being weird
i’ve had couple of times where i got placed in holland (in firefox i think) despite not being on my vpn, in that situation rebooting fixed it. But another time my isp bounced through servers in germany temporarily, which i couldn’t get around on my end (without activating a vpn through denmark)
i’d kinda imagine it, even if not island/territory specific, that winstore should atleast place you somewhere around the nearby continent :smile:


This is what I got:

I wish i had known earlier…like way earlier, I grabbed it for my nephew at GMG for 4 bucks…

It ends in 13 days…if you want to wait…


@Gnuffi, @delenn13

It went to my country this time and it’ll activate fine. No idea how I got bounced to Malaysia before - ain’t nowhere near, lol

The check my ip link returned correctly too, so I dunno - maybe it was random oddity like Gnuffs said. I needn’t wait too long, got friend-o’s permission to install on her computer… Only trickiness that she uses Steam a lot for Skyrim and her schedule is really flexible for work. Sure day should be Sunday for a run with you guys, not sure how that will work out timezone wise.


Installing BL2 on my bestie’s computer - avoid the dumb two-verification etc for logging into Steam on her machine, etc. Guess it’ll take most of the rest of the night, but since she has no intention of sleeping early, it shouldn’t matter much.


Definitely Borderlands 2 and Half Life 2.

If you want a general multiplayer FPS, go for Rainbow Six Siege or Counter Strike, although you may need to withstand the toxicity of (most) of the players that you’ll be playing with.


So me and @YQMaoski have beaten The Division. The next game we have slated is Borderlands 2. We are trying to do next week. @Danacscott is planned as a third. However that leaves a fourth slot open. @coralinecastell Mentioned in another thread that supposedly Borderlands 2 can play with 5+ people, but I’m not sure exactly how. If that is the case, maybe we can add more.


Pretty sure it only lets you have 4. If you can figure out how to run 5 please let me know (as that seems like something I should know).


Looked it up. Short answer is Mods.