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Get Deponia for Free on Humble Bundle for a limited time (ENDED).



Deponia is free dude
Deponia is free dude

I was just about to post this


The redemption deadline is January 31, 2019 at 10 a.m. Pacific time. You have 6 days left!


Saw it pop up on one of the steam groups im in, seems like a nice game, thanks for the heads up!


Just remember, folks, you can always copy and paste the code somewhere else, and use it later. Though of course Humble won’t guarantee that it will work past the deadline. But a valid key is usually good for a lot longer than they say!


I had one of my keys die on me…So they aren’t forever…


beat me to it


by a mere 3h photo finish


tis only a mere 3 hours.


time is relative


some say the truth is too … but others know better


did you just speak yoda?


nope, not at all, maybe now that i put yr quote there, which i was directly responding to, u understand the words that r coming out of my keyboard


scrumptious. If you somehow didn’t see it already.


just a few threads below this one dude






Whatever you do… do NOT tag coralinecastell on this.

I made this mistake once… because hey, it’s a great point and click, right?

If anyone is unfortunate enough to make this mistake, the flaming Elmo gif will have its vengeance.


wrong thread, lol, now we need a merge @delenn13 @PeteMcc


Hey, guys!
Have you heard you can get Deponia for free over at humble bundle. Also I read somewhere you can get Distraint for free on gog as well.