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Get Deponia for Free on Humble Bundle for a limited time (ENDED).



and don’t forget about whatever that party game is on epic too guys


Edit: found something better suited




Ok, this is HOT.




not as hot as elmo’s flames of doom. :fire:


Deponia. Isn’t that a game made popular by some YouTuber? Or, made by one?


No, I wouldn’t think so. It’s a point and click adventure game in the old traditional Lucas arts style, but with comedy written by Germans.



The fire spreads, the world burns… the platypus guardians cannot save us now.


Same group but wrong song:


As i understand Complete Journey doesnt include Doomsday Deponia?


Ok I’ll cave in and be helpful.

What they’re giving away is THIS:

As per storage description:

Deponia: The Complete Journey does not include the new sequel Deponia Doomsday!

So it was probably a malevolent plan to get ya’ll hooked and then buy the last game. :smiling_imp: jk yay free stuff


I was kidding, I know the Deponia and Edna games are German-made Point & Click adventure games, like the old Monkey Island or King’s Quest series. And as far as I know, one character (I guess the main one) was voiced by Gronkh, the biggest gaming guy on German YouTube.

Don’t knock German comedy writing though, we do have one or two good comedians here. :smiley:


I now own it on Steam and GOG. I wonder if it is any good…


don’t you dare. Monkey Island is far superior thank you very much.


I never played any of these, but sorry if I offended you with this comparison. I know Monkey Island is legendary.


I was mostly joking but you made me smile with the “I know Monkey Island is legendary”. :yellow_heart:


Meaning: you are forgiven :heavy_heart_exclamation: A little bit :roll_eyes: