Games at E3 2017

Hey guys, in his latest Open for Debate topic @th4tNewfie mentioned it was either pre-orders or E3, i do not know what he meant to debate over E3 but it made me want to start a topic to see if you have been following the news coming out in the slightest and if yes, what caught your attention for now?


I only watch the press conferences to see what’s up, but it’s kinda ridiculous sometimes to see companies acting like kids in these shows. So far, from what I’ve seen:

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • The Last Night
  • Cuphead (They got a release date this time, lol)
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Need to play the first one still)
  • Ori and The Will of Wisps
  • Unruly Heroes
  • Shift

And perhaps:

  • Fortnite
  • Ooblets
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins (I’ve stopped playing after Black Flag)
  • Sea of Thieves

I’m usually interested in indie titles more than AAA ones. And they don’t get too much coverage at press conferences.


I’ve seen all the announcements, only care about:
Ori 2, and
Wolfenstein 2…
also I will eventually buy Dishonored 2 once all DLC released and a final Edition incorporates everything, but the launch shenanigans have kept me away from the sequel so far. The VR re-releases look good, but I don’t care enough to repurchase a VR version of games I own. Oh, and I will try out the new Skyrim-themed cards in Elder Scrolls: Legends. Decent free CCG, good for finishing off the night with something quiet.


I’d just like to recommend everyone to go find a VOD of the Devolver Digital’s “conference” it was spectacular.


Only if they watch Bethesda’s Wolfenstein 2 presentation first - it’s what led into the DD conference and none of it would make any sense without the acid tripping soldier in Wolfenstein catching the gecko animation and talking to the screen. #StillTrippingBalls

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Ubisoft line-up:
Assassin’s Creed ORIGINS
Far Cry 5
South Park: The Fractured but Whole

I don’t care about the South Park game other than maybe watching some streamers or Let’s Play guys once or twice, but Far Cry 5 has an engaging storyline again after Primal detoured the series for a bit. And AC: Origins might go back to their roots, both metaphorically and literally which would be a good thing because I’ve not been interested in an AC game since Black Flag (1, 2, and 4 were amazing, rest varied from “meh” to “short and ridiculously overpriced!”)

Isn’t the Ubisoft conference today later today? I kinda meant from what was already shown (EA and Microsoft at the time of making a topic) but this works too. :grin:

I just got out of bed so i missed Bethesda and Devolver was on too apparently so yeah i’ll have to check that out later of course. Also…color me hella’ fucking intrigued.

So, from what i’ve seen, i’m really interested in A Way Out. I was goin’ “eh, okay” at the trailer until it said it was by the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons which got my undevided attention. That’s about it from the EA conference but i’m looking forward to seeing more of Anthem even aside from the whole “live service” thing i trust EA and Bioware to kill my interest completely somehow.

As for the Microsoft show, i was afk and then when i joined in on the new Metro game i was thinkin’ whether it’s a sequel to something or a new IP. I assume most people weren’t guessin’ we’ll see a new Metro now, there weren’t even any “leaks”. :wink:

I’d like to see more of the new Assassin’s Creed and whether i like them RPG’ing it up, would be lovely if there are no microtransactions and ludicrous amounts of trinkets on the map to artificially increase play time for people who collect those but i doubt Ubisoft learned the right lessons during their break.

Interested in an assortment of indies but not the big name ones like Cuphead or the sequel to Ori and probably everything Devolver had to show, idk if they revealed something new but i want what they already had in their line-up.

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OOOOOO. Shiny, sparkly, pretty things…LOOK!



I cannot think of a worse way to spend your time than watching a bunch of corporate blowhards talking big and delivering little.

I feel there are not many would put up with the sheer volume of lies that Gamers do in any other entertainment industry. Yet we keep falling for it all the time.

Minor Rant Incoming:

Take that “”""“NEW”"""" Assassin’s Creed game, for instance. I was told by a friend to go take a look at the trailer on YouTube. I wasn’t impressed by it, yet the comment section is full of commenters saying that it looks like a ‘great return to form’ and ‘I can’t wait to play it.’
Based on what, exactly?
The only thing that looks different is the setting and the graphics look prettier but then that is to be expected and, erm well, Ubisoft has stung us before within that area too, remember? They cannot be trusted but us Gamers tend to have short memories and no doubt have pre-ordered the game by the time the trailer ended!
I don’t know this, obviously but I can say with a great deal of certainty that it will be the exact same thing as almost every other AC title to date, as in yet another massive collect-a-thon with a few bare bones missions and very minimal stealth gameplay elements. Same old panny sh*te that they do frequently over the years as it is. I’ll be happy to be wrong but I’m not hopeful for it.

I digress, so back to E3, E3 is just their lies in a Live theatre format. I’m sorry but I just fail to “Get hype,” Over anything they say these days. I’ve been disappointed one too many times.
To hear some of those other Gamers though, it is as if it is THE freshest looking game ever to come from them. How many times will Gamer’s p*ss on the toilet seat before they realise to put it up? FFS they sting us every year and yet we just line up for even more the following year but this time it will be different though, right? NO! WRONG!

The only good thing about E3 in recent years for me is watching Total Biscuit taking the p*ss of everything, along with his wife. I think I’d do the same watching all that guff, only thrice as harsh and with only my dog to annoy with my ranting.

There is only one thing I am keeping an ear to the ground for and that is XCOM 2 news that is rumoured to be on a stage today, everything else can wait or bloomin’ well sod off.

XBOX ONE X? Lol, so many X’s makes one suspicious. Are Microsoft going into the Porn market or something? Wait, XXX, Micro, Soft? Has Phil Spencer got himself a new hobby? It all makes sense now.

Ach. I’m sorry to be a downer, folks if you enjoy the Expo, all the more power to you. I have actually spared you all here at Chrono, I get worse than this when talking about corporate, compulsive liars. lol.

Anyway… Have fun?
Don’t mind me, I am just a grumpy old git.

p.s. If you read it backwards you get XENO XOBX, which is rumoured to be the next Ridley Scott Alien prequel.


Not fair ragging on the name there. Clearly “Box one” was already taken. It’s a common problem these days with usernames having to be unique and millions of people using services, just ask my friend xXxSephirothxXx.


Well i DID say “…in the slightest…”

I watched TBs EA supercut and watched the whole Snarkathon of Microsoft last night.

When it comes to Assassin’s Creed, i don’t know about a ‘great return to form’ but they definitely changed it up now with the dropped loot and ability points…whether it’s for better or worse we’ll see (Ubisoft proceeds to meld genres and franchises together).

But yeh, people on here are probably either watchin’ a stream of a stream with a personality they like or following in some other smaller manner rather than watching the corporate “hey there fellow kids” circlejerk and looking at/spamming in the Twitch chat.


There probably won’t be anything new in the AC game, it’s just the setting and the story. They could add some gimmicks like “Heyy, you can kick someone from their horse and take over in a cool way!!11!”, and that I don’t even remember if it was already a thing in the earlier ones. Loot system? Meh. The good thing is learning some history while wrapping around the game’s own story, I’m that kind of guy who will read every piece of text that there is in a game.

I’ll miss sailing with my ship while I listen to the crew’s shanties and sinking some fools. Riding a horse in the desert won’t be that fun.


Anthem looks like a destiny clone, Assassins creed has fallen to the loot plague, 60FPS CARS! (ignore the 30fps everything else…) Ori and the blind forest is still beautiful, One does not simply get hyped for mordor, more fallout… and it’s still not made by obsidian, cuphead: never release edition, more sports shit no one at E3 cares about, from the makers of the ultraviolent DOOM and the twisted world of Evil within… kids, Wolfenstein is too fucking good for me to make a joke about, and last but not least Micro-transaction-mods! EA’s wet dream

All cynicism aside, am i the only one who finds E3 conferences and briefings to be cringey as fuck to watch? Do people actually relate to the fake voip, half assed unprofessional presenter outfits, bullshit esports pandering or the makers of some of the most violent games of the last couple years talking about their kids?


No of course not, that’s WHY I’m watching the whole thing. It’s all entirely awful, embrace the cringe and join us in pointing and laughing at them.
Come watch TB’s snarkathon coverage of the whole thing, live now with the Ubisoft conference at Twitch


way ahead of you, just watched the supercut of the bethesda conference

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Oh that’s happenin’ now, neat-o.

I think it was a great conference from Microsoft. They showed some amazing games.

These are the titles that caught my attention.

  • The Last Night
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm
  • Anthem

Also I was intrigued about Ashen. And Super Lucky’s Tale looks a cool game for kids á la Nintendo.

Now waiting for Sony


I’ll respond to some things in more detail later but watching the Snarkathon of Ubisoft and Genna Bain says this Skull & (and?) Bones game is like AC4 but not pretending to be an AC game…Ubisoft better not fuck that up! :grin:

Black flag was my favorite creed game, if Skull and Bones lives up to that, then i will gladly put down some cash for it.

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@Enki Eh, it’s a long running franchise don’t expect too much to change, not now, not later. Just like you either generally like CoD and/or BF or you don’t.

@th4tNewfie You get RPG mechanics! You get RPG mechanics! You get RPG mechanics! But to be fair AC had purchasable weapons with different stats since 2 so maybe loot won’t be too out of place, hopefully there won’t be rare/legendary stuff from cannon fodder. Console makers/devs continue to focus on looks instead of responsiveness, i’m shocked, shocked i tell ya! And racing games is where they can at least focus on both. More Fallout? What did i miss (not that i care about the series)? Haven’t played the original Ori yet, don’t care much for Cuphead and it does have a release now. Wolfenstein YAY! And paid-for-mods were bound to happen, doesn’t matter that it will probably be a shit show again.

And i don’t know about you Enki but th4tNewfie said AC4 is his favorite Creed game and i’d have to assume at least th4tNewfie didn’t care much for the previous ones. I was an AC fanboy until 3 and Black Flag was more of a great pirate sim than a memorable Assassin’s Creed game. :slight_smile:

@Fraggles yep, sometimes you just need some cringe. Like that chick trying to create a meme on Ubisofts conf. a few years back.

@Primoedu agree with ya for the most part, not feelin’ it for Sea of Thieves and i’ll have to play the original Ori and LiS sooner or later.

That’s it for responses i’d say, now as for Ubisoft, i pre-ordered the past South Park game but between the new one costing more and having a season pass imma wait that shit out for a while. My poor wallet can’t take it as it is. :wink:
Didn’t end up hearing much about Skull and Bones as i was doing other stuff, single player yay or nay and did they give out anything else about it?

EDIT: Still gotta watch Devolver to see what was going on.

EDIT 2: Do we know Anthem is chasing Destiny? Not enough info right now, dunno if in the video we got it was trash mobs or what and was there anything new on Far Cry 5?