it was lol
how do i delete this shit

For sale or trade?

you should list the other games, too, there are way too many games that you could possibly have to just PM you randomly

Also last time I checked you said you had it activated on Steam, you surely aren’t trying to sneakily sell an account?


So you bought the game, played for 3 hours and was so upset about it you wanted to sell the entire steam account to be rid of it. Then it just miraculously got better so you went and bought a 2nd key that you now want to offload here?

That sounds pretty shifty, mate.
Also Amnesia was given away for free just last week, now you think you’re going to get someone to pay you for them?


Not to mention Steam doesn’t allow for selling of accounts anyway…


Honestly, what I already thought last time, but now even more, is that he bought a key cheap and had a bs story about not being able to run it or get a refund cuz he was trying to make some ez profit on it. I didn’t go as far as to say that last time, but this kinda confirms it for me.


New category idea: Chrono Classified Ads!

Lemme check my closet and see if I have anything to sell to you suckers… brb.


Even better is that he is trying to sell the account, put in some free games, etc. But the title of the thread is called:

“PUBG Steam Key”

I have since changed the title of this thread to reflect reality…


I think dude is 12 after all and his “but James Bond is 007, silly” talk was just a lie as anything else lol


I don’t know how false advertising can get at this point…

Check out his games list:

but it shows up on his recently played list:

It seems like he managed to return the game after all. After playing for 3.1 hours, writing a review, it is no longer in his games list. The only games I can remove from my list are free games/complimentary, not retail or purchased from the Steam store…


I don’t know what it is, but I’ll buy it! Please!
How much do you want?
I need it!!


They make exceptions!! especially If you don’t go +2 weeks.

I’m kind of lost here bc he sent me a PM asking for the Steam return policy a while back and I told him: well try again, you’re not that over and It’s sent to a new guy everytime you file a refund request so… you might get It eventually.

He did rage about Steam a liltle bit but eventually told me he got the refund?¿ So I don’t now what happened and I didn’t read this post on time so… :confused: (There’s a button, I saw It)

Weird… out of my depth here.


y but all this just proves that he’s a liar


he didnt increase his time played since last time, so just lying


I mean that is a weird coment… update on the game? He had issues with the game on his computer right?¿

So he’s like selling It? But why would you do that If you have the refund? You’re not getting more money than the actual price of the game… who would buy that?


u can if u got it for rly cheap like from g2a or sum other shit site


I guess… If he managed to get It really really low, I mean what’s the margin here?

And why I’m overthinking so much about this making zero sense? :joy::joy:

I’m here like: :thinking: This is not a efficient way to scam people, son. :thinking:
I’m just a curious person I guess, things that don’t make sense bug me a bit.


I’m not sure this helps the case but I did purchase a game off impeonix recently in order for him to get the final savings to purchase pubg, so I can’t be sure he is “trying” to scam anyone just possibly not thinking about this properly.
He did get a refund from the game so I gather he could still purchase the game again and gift it right? He wouldn’t need to sell the account, I know that he is trying to sell the account here but are these not alternative options? He has been saying that he has little interest in steam games.

  1. He’s trying to sell a key, not gift it.
  2. Why would he be looking for a buyer just so he can buy the game to then sell it for the same price or less? That’s just absurd.
  3. He seems to be lying in that he claims that the game runs well now “after the update” though he hasn’t played the game anymore since his update (not on his account anyhow) and it even seems probable that he got his game refunded even before the update came out.
  4. Though he first admitted that it is wrong to sell his account and did not know that and decided not to do so, he then went ahead and made a new topic where he tries to do the very same thing, but without clearly saying so.
  1. I was suggesting a gift as his alternative to selling his account. Is it even possible to buy a steam key from steam? I’ve never tried. So gifting was all I could think of. having to wait 3 days for it to unlock for a new friend might be an issue though
  2. He says he has not interest in steam games and after a refund he would have steam wallet funds. I can’t think of much you can do with steam wallet funds other than buying a game and selling it.
  3. I don’t see how this has anything to do with what he is doing here
  4. This I did not know about so I can’t say much on that

1+2. Ok, I can understand 1 in light of 2, and thus I could see where he’s coming from (the fact that the other games are also offered while being part of his account negate this point though… he is in fact trying to sell his account)
3. Honesty/dishonesty is always relevant; and it is especially relevant here, since this is the thread in which he seems to be lying after being called out on some BS (see 4)

good talk


It does seem he is trying to sell his account but hopefully no one in their right mind will go through with that.
I am confused with the fact that if the game runs fine, why has he decided to not keep the game or purchase it again?
Often I am wrong about people but I’m not sure he is as bad as it seems.