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[FREE] Torchlight at Epic Games Store




Again, hate Epic and not gon grab it BUT Torchlight is absolutely amazing. Think Diablo 2.5 in an alternate universe.


Thanks for the info.


I was thinking to myself the other day what game would EPIC need to give away for free to lure me into using their filthy platform…


Family sharing Satisfactory and then $5 Ghost recon wildlands is what got me :slight_smile:


I got Hades and resisted the sweet lure of Ashen, lol.


I gave in and installed the Epic launcher… it’s just terrible. Very bare bones and somehow still stutters a ton while scrolling through your library.


The Epic Games Launcher won’t even launch for me.


Odd… I’ve never had an issue the launcher. Sometimes the webpage itself stutters or jumps crazily. I’ll check it out tonight and see if it’s thing. You’re right though, very bare bones.


Torchlight activated without a hitch. Maybe it was a time of day or server you experienced?


I would cave in for free Sekiro i guess , but i’m sure that’s never going to happen so i’m calm.


Definitely not, I tried it many times on seperate occasions and all it gave me was a black screen.

I installed it on a Macbook, so maybe it’s the operating system?


Maybe so. I don’t know how it’d be on Mac. I’m using Windows 10. Tried contacting Support?


high five


I’m just going to avoid the Epic Games Launcher completely now. Unless, of course, they have another amazing game like Subnautica for free :exclamation::exclamation:


Just keep collecting the games. You don’t need the launcher to do that. :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:

BTW, Welcome to the forum :heavy_heart_exclamation:


why do the same shills always come and bash epic? we get it. you dont like it. its ok. we dont care…


why do the same shills always come and defend epic? we get it. you dont care about data security, anticonsumer and unethical behaviour. its ok. we dont care…


We also dont care that you like it but hey , we are stuck here together and have to deal with each other :slight_smile:


To be frank, this community is probably one of the best I’ve been introduced to.