Free Steam Key For Meadow

I wish more devs/parties doing giveaways were as nice as these. Two emails is a bit odd, but that’s it’s the same key is cool - they’re organised. ^^

throws shade at SteelSeries a little


Reporting in a bit late but I did eventually get my Meadow key, dual emails and all… on April Fools’ Day (wondering if that was deliberate :thinking:). They took their own sweet time but it’s creditable that they lived up to their commitment eventually.
Of course, both emails had been rendered moot for me by @markwr :grin: - thanks for that again! I will pay it forward.


If you participated in the Meadow Steam key giveaway from Shelter Games that was posted here in March (, and you are still subscribed, you got 2 new Steam keys emailed to you yesterday. So check your e-mail!

That there are keys is not at all clear from the e-mail title. The title of the e-mail sent from is: :elephant: Shelter News: Play as an Elephant Calf in Meadow + Bundle Sale. This is what the email looks like in full -

Included at the bottom is your old Meadow key, a DLC for Meadow and the Shelter 2 soundtrack that can be activated without the game:



I ended up, yesterday, getting The Shelter Bundle(the ones I didn’t have) for 10.00 CA.

From the email:

It contains 5 games and 13 add-ons, which together will give you access to more than 30 Meadow unlockables. For the calf’s first week the bundle is discounted by 80%, (so less than 20 USD) and if you’ve already become a herd member by adding Meadow , Trails and the Shelter 2 Soundtrack to your library (see below!), these items will be discounted from that, making an even smaller total price.

Baby elephants :elephant: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thanks for the heads up @delenn13. I found the email and good thing! It would have gotten buried under newsletters ><


Wasn’t me. It was @carvalho20ptc :sunglasses:


Didn’t receive my keys but that’s because of the reason below:

LAST CHANCE: This weekend we will archive everybody that has not opened any of our emails. Unfortunately we heard reports from some users that has opened but still doesn’t get registeterd as an active user by Mailchimp. We can not say why. Maybe it’s because of a VPN or something else. So be aware if you get this again even though you should have ben opened your mail. Try to click on a link or twi in the mail. hopefully that work.

We noticed you didn’t yet open the email we sent to you containing your free game of Meadow… There’s still time to grab that key (it’s right here!) but in the meantime we have had our mail list attacked by spambots, so by opening and clicking in this email (and grab that key!) you will stay on our list (and get more occasional news and freebies). Good move!
If this mail isn’t opened and link clicked on at the end of this week, your account will erased from this mailing lists’ audience.

/The Might And Delight spam team

Such is life. :man_shrugging:


Oh true, sorry @carvalho20ptc It’s still hot and my brain not 100%, lol

Dang, they are unlucky with bots.


I have my email set to not load any remote content, as should everyone, so there is no way for them to see whether I’ve opened the email or not. Unless I manually allow such content to load or indeed click links in the email that contains unique identifiers.

Never got any keys from them at all, but got it sorted through others anyway.