Free Steam Games With NO Catches

Years ago most FREE games really used to be free. But then devs got wise and started adding DLC that you had to pay for. If you didn’t, you had no chance of winning. They added skins and other stuff that was shiny and cool but you HAD to pay for them. :sob:

Well, I found a list of Free Games on Steam that are really FREE all the time and you have no need to pay for anything.


Great list, actually found a cool looking one in there, cough cough that was never there >.> cough cough

so… how do these people earn enough money to keep their free games afloat? I have always wondered this, surely it’s not just advertisements in game right?


Nice list! Here are a few that weren’t included:

Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls: “Overwhelmingly Positive” retro beat 'em up platformer.

Shrouded in Sanity: Freebirth: Heard it described as a mix of Bloodborne and Eternal Darkness (anyone remember that Gamecube classic?).

The free version includes the entire base game. The only things removed are the extra content updates added since its release - that’s things like; playing as the 4 Knights, New game plus, the boss rush mode, and boss clash. The original version, which includes the above features, is currently on sale for $1.49.

Edit: Here is one more

Ortus Regni: Based off a premium tabletop game. Pretty sure there isn’t any DLC or catches in this one.


I really don’t know…Any one got any thoughts?

I know some devs do it for the love of their baby/game and they don’t care about the money.

Thanks! :+1:t2:


well yeah, but once that’s done how do they keep it going?

one of my favourite F2P games was shut down last month, a Korean companies love child with years of work in it just poof gone overnight, it was a very sad moment, but could anything have saved them?


That’s some serious love there, even I would put some price on my game, if anything to keep on going.


I’m gonna assume it’s a passion project for most devs.
Like. they make their first game free, release it, continue updates on said game while developing another one.
With the devs having slowly built up a fanbase on the free one, begin to advertise your next title to them. But it’ll require cash.(because your business has to run at some point) But they’ll wanna support your new project, because they liked your previous game.

I don’t know, maybe i’m just spouting crap out. :confused:


Nope! Sounds like pretty good crap to me…:ok_hand:t2:


Passion projects are usually just that, something you put out to be played, it might be convenient later on, but it’s usually just that.


I swear I’ve seen one like that yeah, the expendabros on the list Delenn had originally posted was made by the people who did broforce, so they must have had prior funding due to an already sucessful game.


They probably actually got money to make that one from The Expendables advertisement budget…


Sisyphus Reborn

Guys oh guys, I couldn’t recommend this game more. I actually bought the paid DLC (that doesn’t add anything to the game) just to have this gem on my library and to support the dev. Late last year this game got me into someone who is, today, one of my all-time favorite authors: Albert Camus.

Truly great game.

There are many great games missing, though. Here are a few:

They have paid extra pots but I never bought them and I have 7.1 hours in it and 94% of the achievements, so…

Here are some more:

Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok

Recently discovered this:


There are F2P games with additional DLCs that people can then pay for, some people sell other merchandise. Otherwise, if a game has trading cards, then every flow with purchase or sell of the trading cards goes to support the game further. I agree that a lot of people just want their game out there, especially something they have worked hard at, so that others can see it. Possibly so that they could get a sponsor/team together to be able to make a bigger game and actually make some money. Afterall, no matter how much someone doesn’t care about money, unless they are otherwise independently wealthy or have other sources of income, it’s really not viable to continue.


I never considered Trading cards as a way to make money :open_mouth:


I’d definitely recommend Battlerite. I’ve recently passed the 100 hour mark on it.


Well hardly play any single player game anymore, is it a trend right now to add dlc to let u win the game xD ? never noticed that, the one i kinda hate on dlc usually is Map Expansion, character since it should be a free content imo unless the price isn’t that much yeah

there are ton of f2p games that let you enjoy the game without dlc, mostly single player like vn,rpgmaker pretty much everything story based
but multiplayer on the other hand is hard since they need to maintain server etc, they keep releasing content without balancing that force you to spend money
i kinda dig into dota 2 because of balancing issue, and mostly cos i enjoy strategy game :stuck_out_tongue:
used to enjoy lost saga and spend around thousands of dollar into in-game cosmetics which my friend always tell me that i’m ridiculous for that, since i can’t even afford any kind of online game on steam (most of my game on steam is free) and the only temptation i got on steam rn is gambling to get wallpaper/emoticon i would to get and those badge system… geez

Back on the topic
I kinda suggest NMRIH if you enjoy zombie and enjoy not so ridiculous epic gameplay with ton of modification and dlc that let you win the game, infestation is the same on the other hand with the open-world zombie apocalypse theme, thou atm it pretty much pvp instead of pve same with unturned

let me add one fps that ridiculously better on free player

the answer is simple… in-game c weapon better than cash weapon xDD


This is an argument that I’m so tired of hearing everywhere. Not saying this against you personally but against all the big publishers out there making this dumb excuse. Guess what, I never asked for you to run all the servers!
They decided to disallow us to run our own community servers on their own for the purpose of being able to force players to buy DLC or be left behind everyone else and make sure you’re stuck in their progression treadmill. Then when the next year’s title comes around there’s no cohesive community that can stick around and just enjoy the old game amongst themselves so everyone is greatly inclined to jump to the new one, even if it is the worse game. Even then if for some reason enough people stick around to make the matchmaking system even viable they can always make the servers worse or stop them all together.

Of course we need to sell map packs, power DLC and loot boxes, we gotta pay for these servers some how! Screw your servers, let me run my own again.


Was pretty good last I played it, though you do have to unlock heroes with earned in game credits and you can also buy them with DLC. Back when I played it did not seem like spending money on the game was at all necessary to enjoy it. The weekly rotation of free heroes leaves you with enough to play with to be fun and if you find a favourite you can earn up enough credits to unlock them reasonably fast.

The one drawback is that weapons are randomly found and there are undoubtedly some that are simply better than others. Again though some time since I last played it and it might have gone to shit since, but it might be worth checking out.


aye one of my favorite fps f2p game BS, Its a great game worth checking out been playing it since closed Beta and now they are listening to NA players and they have added Ping limit to NA server now and Crouch Spam Prevention is coming soon hopefully they did a test a few weeks ago.


it’s not like i’m supporting this kind of dev too
my take is it’s hard too make a game balanced when they keep releasing content every 1-2 weeks instead of months/year like dota used to be, when the content is too big minor adjusment make major diffference
and i’m comparing that to another game with moba style
as for the reason why i said that kind of argument is Frequent update = more player

and there are ton of genre of game tbh, and update don’t necesarilly affect all in a bad way such as fps more content = more fun, you rely more on your skill than money though there are some certain money grabber kind of game too that give you way way too big advantage for paying

and i don’t even want to pay 1 cent for a dlc unless it’s cosmetic related, gameplay content should be included within the base game


yeah it’s so far a good balanced fps along with cs:go and other fps
the knife is worth using, balanced nades, if only there was PvE kind of mode :stuck_out_tongue:
there should be more weapon and character thou