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Free Minion Masters Gift Codes




88K-NZE-:no_entry_sign:XH (The code is only valid until Dec 12th, 2018.)

:no_entry_sign: = 2+1=?

How to redeem code? See here:


New Code:

CX❓-YSU-GBN (The code is only valid until Jan 13th, 2019.)

:question: = 1 + 1 =?


i’m not interested in the game but thanks for sharing

EDIT: i do have this in my steam inventory, if anyone want’s it hit me up


New Code:


:trophy: = 2 + 2 =?


Its F2P, how did you get it as a gift?


It wasnt b4; and u could buy it in the coin shop here b4 and it would give u 2 copies of it


Oh okay, I didn’t know that.


I think they give like special rewards like coins or something. I don’t play the game and just signed up for it in Discord before it was released and they give me codes like this every month or something. And since I don’t play it, I put them here for someone who plays Minion Masters to enjoy.




? = 5
(The code is valid until Mar 20th, 2019.)


Hey, thanks for giving me a reason to check back into the game

you don’t have to “encrypt” the keys, they can be used indefinetly anyways :3


Okay then.




(The code is valid until Apr 30th, 2019)