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Free Minion Masters Gift Codes




88K-NZE-:no_entry_sign:XH (The code is only valid until Dec 12th, 2018.)

:no_entry_sign: = 2+1=?

How to redeem code? See here:


New Code:

CX❓-YSU-GBN (The code is only valid until Jan 13th, 2019.)

:question: = 1 + 1 =?


i’m not interested in the game but thanks for sharing

EDIT: i do have this in my steam inventory, if anyone want’s it hit me up


New Code:


:trophy: = 2 + 2 =?


Its F2P, how did you get it as a gift?


It wasnt b4; and u could buy it in the coin shop here b4 and it would give u 2 copies of it


Oh okay, I didn’t know that.


I think they give like special rewards like coins or something. I don’t play the game and just signed up for it in Discord before it was released and they give me codes like this every month or something. And since I don’t play it, I put them here for someone who plays Minion Masters to enjoy.




? = 5
(The code is valid until Mar 20th, 2019.)


Hey, thanks for giving me a reason to check back into the game

you don’t have to “encrypt” the keys, they can be used indefinetly anyways :3


Okay then.




(The code is valid until Apr 30th, 2019)


Have a new one but I won’t post them here anymore, I will announce if I have a new code and if you guys want it message me.


Hi Gokky, I would very much like to use your new code if it’s still on offer. My email is Removed Email if you don’t mind sending. And thanks bro, you’re the real mvp!

Edited: Removed email. Not safe!


E-mail is private, I messaged it to you. (In


I have a new one, message me if any of you want it.
Edit: Guys the keys can expire btw. If you want one ask me now.


They just sent me a new one, anybody want it?


They sent me another new one.


Man, you just keep on getting these don’t you?


Yep, never stops haha