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post, gimme gimme gimme dat


Check your DM’s :stuck_out_tongue:


Have another one again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have another one AGAIN. :stuck_out_tongue:




aaaand I got another one.


It’s not even a bad game, but I’ve become more and more frustrated with their “viral marketing” attempts to make their game spread. They are successfully keeping the name in our minds, but IMO it is generating more negative impressions now.

Again, not badmouthing the game itself, just their marketing. :poop:


That’s how they keep the playerbase at healthy levels. It’s pretty good for F2P title and that’s how you need to manage it to survive longer. Without that marketing it will drop to long match making and even frustrate and make some of the regular playerbase to go find something else.

In my book they did great with the title and I’m happy it’s still going and being maintained as it is. You’d prefer they start on a new early access title sooner and start all over again with the marketing campaign I guess?! If you don’t play the game or don’t care about it… why do you even care when you see something about it?
I’m frustrated from the massive stupidity in humanity in the past years, but I don’t complain that it’s shoved in my face on hourly basis.

In this particular scenario / thread the devs have nothing to do with “marketing”. They send codes with small rewards and bonuses to their playerbase. @DeathBringer wanting to share those with whoever from this community wanting something extra is pretty great.


Uh…no? Again, let me reiterate F2P (Free to play) and P2P (Pay to play) games have their place in the gaming world. There are many, perfectly acceptable and non-scummy methods of sharing your game, including giving out free copies of DLC or bonus packs/cards in this game’s case. Once. Not 300 times (THIS. IS. SPARTA!). It’s abusing our time and patience when they continue to monopolize even just the new item in inventory icon.

So what else could they do? Hold tournaments (they do, but advertise it better) with varied styles like Round Robin/Double Elimination/Losers Bracket/Winner-Take-All/Bo7 Series/etc., have player-created campaigns and ads, share cross-play features from another franchise, partner with a charity to sell a new card/pack with proceeds dedicated to a nonprofit, invite indie designers to create guest artwork for the cards/minions, allow player input into card mechanics (giving them credit if added to game), release new variety game modes (temporary, so they don’t distract from main game too long, but bring back popular modes every couple months), write fictional backstories or accompanying visual novels for the characters/teams/minions and get them published to your players, sell minion merch and cute plushies, build a mobile port for minions-on-the-go (makes a ton of sense since it’s such short matches and it’s not a graphically intense game), host Twitch days with the devs where they play the game and give background on the development…these are all doable and/or have been done by comparable studios to varying degrees of success — there is no magic solution but each of these caters to a niche group of Minion Masters players (both old and new) that would appreciate more backstory or more organized competition and all the other things I named.

And yes, they do some of those but they overwhelmingly rely on the Steam Inventory System to deliver their “expansions” or a coupon and hope that it brings back players when they are forced to click “New Item” button without annoying them too much; in reality, when a normal patch note + announcement (like most studios use when they update their games) works fine to draw interest and attention back to games.

Here’s the main point: I’m not playing any competitive deck builders right now (however when I feel the deck building itch again I’ll download Slay the Spire and achievement hunt in a solo environment sooner than anything online), so I am not going to reinstall any of the dozens I have played in the past, even when I see they have new updates. However, Minion Masters adds an extra couple steps to ignoring it, making it “the most intrusive game I’m not currently playing but have played in the past”.

Is it so wrong to play a game and eventually be finished with it? I even played multiple expansions for MM, so I don’t hate it, I probably have enough rubies still on my account to buy an entire new deck for free…so I’m not embarrassed I played it, I don’t want to “hide from inventory” nor contact Valve customer support and have them remove it from my account. I just [[don’t]] want to receive overly intrusive notifications from a game I don’t even have installed, nor is it even followed. Played, had some fun, uninstalled, moved on. Stop hijacking my notifications, MM, we are over.

It’s like the ex- still calling even after an amicable breakup: it’s just tedious and draining sometimes. I don’t need to know you got a new cat named Boots, if I cared I’d be subscribed or still together or secretly FB stalking her, but no, she feels the need to skip a text altogether and just call without even checking if it’s an inconvenient time or not, she just really needs to spill all the deets about lil Bootykins and how he sometimes looks regally stoned when he’s reclining on the windowsill or how the cat stares at a squirrel (she’s nicknamed BeeJay, btw) all day but is totally an indoor cat because she thinks it has allergies to grass and she once accidentally let the cat outside and it was super grumpy all day when she let it back into the apartment and didn’t meow all day, but Boots is a fan of going for rides in the car — and I think my brain shuts off at that point in the conversation, her words just become Charlie Brown’s teacher. #SendHelp #3HourCall :poop:


And they gave me another one again.


And they gave me another one yet again.


Last three are: YRE
How to redeem


And yet another one again. If nobody wants these keys Imma just stop posting it and unsubscribe from the emails at this point. its kinda getting tiring.


I would coz I know two people who would teach me to play, but meh, Hard drive is still an issue for now.


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Thanks for the codes :heart:


Have Fun


Would be more exciting to use these codes if I didn’t already have ressources like a whale :joy:


How do you use this stuff again? Redeem in game I think?


correct, i should try this game out.