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[ FREE ] [ LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds ] [ Steam ]


To get the key: go here, log in, switch to #lootbox channel, type and send !getkey message.
You’ll get the key in a PM from a bot.


Another good catch! Right now it says: Several people are typing, lol.

PS: Especial thanks as it is a wishlist item :heart:


Follow up question: How to find DM’s on Discord? I looked it up and still can’t find it. Hm.


Click the Home button (discord logo) on the upper left. The DMs are right there.

The name of the bot is Another Indieot.


Nope… not listed… And if I try to enter the !getkey command again, it doesn’t work… Unlucky. T_T As in it would glitch out for me. >>

Missed Moons of Madness lately too. Pfft.

Joke is, someone on Barter was fast and has offered me a trade. Sigh. Humans.


Yup… It wasn’t in my list at all. I tried putting the code in a DM to it, but clicking on its name. Now it’s in DM, but no key.


I had to wait a few before I got the key and there was a 30 min wait before I could repost !getkey.
Right now the bot is constantly posting “Check it out in DM.” and “Sorry, some error happened! You should open your DM to public, otherwise msessage @Stutsies for help~” as it’s probably overloaded.
Hopefully it’ll come along.


Ah! I thought may you could try once with your account. In that case, I’ll just wait another half hour or so. Thanks!

Sorry for gripping, my mood is shifting downward…


I cant type anything because “i’m not authorised” to send msgs there


hello @everyone , im sure yall are tired of the @ everyone mention right now. I’d like to clear up a few things :

  • the admins are doing bans right now and changing semisoft bot’s rights and the likes
  • some of the categories and chats are locked while the purge is going on
  • the steam key giveaway for legrand legacy is still ongoing, but since the server is under basically a lockdown, you can’t claim it right now. we’ll inform you guys when it’s up again.


You can’t go to a Discord server without experiencing lockdown nowadays


@DecadentHamster Jokes or for serious?


It’s supposedly back up


I just checked… I can’t type in chat … ??

In announcements, they say to swear alliance to a particular kingdom… I can’t click anything, maybe it’ll help you guys though. They’re trying to prevent botting.


I can’t type either but I got a DM saying to come back tomorrow.


Yeah their bot crashed lol


Just announced… ze bot has crashed again, but I manage to pledge allegiance to a Kingdom - click the emoticons at the bottom of the image in pointofaccess, NOT the hashtags names >>. So new Discord-isms.


Okay, the giveaway is still confusing… sigh. Seeing if there’s just a delay in the bot doling out keys - no DM from Another Indiebot yet, but I did finally get to type inside the #lootbox channel again.

Update: More idiots. One wrote the community manager asking for 200 keys - to sell. It seems once they know which are the humans and which are the bots, they will give keys to those (like meow!) who actually want the game to play and not for trade (, haha) or for sale. Man some people have heavies in their shorts - cannonballs.


Yeah, they were a bit unprepared, to do a giveaway en masse like this… of course it would be a mess. I tried to grab it early, but the bot was already overwhelmed, so I didn’t get a DM in the end.

I’ve seen other giveaways in discord and this is definitely not how to do it. :rofl:


LOL. Yup. It is utter madness right now.

At least people have finally stopped spamming the “getkey” command. How many ways can one say “ze bot is down”? Well, I’ve found out tonight.

Skill up trait: Moderator. Something like that, lol. (joking) Still, instead of making things more stressful by being impatient, been trying to be of help instead.