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[ FREE ] [ LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds ] [ Steam ]


Lol welp no more bot


Yar… he was overwhelmed, cried and rusted. He’s all broke now.

There’s a new announcement up on the Semisoft Server.


Oh. I have to create an account and learn how to use discord.

I remember I tried to use it a few years ago and thought “This is unintuitive and frustrating.” I guess I’ll make a new account now. Search for “How to use discord for beginners” and such.

Thanks for the free game notice.


I recieved the key yos


I got it a couple hours later after one of the admins decided to hand out the keys her/himself, poor soul.

Just to have an idea, I sent the DM 2 minutes after the announcement, about four hours later I received the reply with the key. :rofl:


Indeedy. I went to sleep around 1 am, but I jumped on the announcement pretty early as well. Got my key via DM this morning.

@GDBringer Discord is another UI I don’t like too much - unwieldy.


Today at 9:31 AM

Hello @everyone ,
We are sorry to inform that AJ died after giving out 1000 keys personally :dies:
but we still resume giveaways for people in server tomorrow (still preparing the bot, hopefully tomorrow:hopeful: )



Just a joke, with the world being in lockdown and all


Ah, no worries… Just wondered if Discord was having Steam Sale like problems, ahem.


I’d like to see them attempt that while carrying my dad


aj.therealToday at 2:20 AM
Hi everyone.
I’m still trying to get everything clean up and well.

We will definitely still do the giveaways, so please be civils, and if you’re only here for the keys, don’t spam other channel or I’ll kick and ban you.

btw, i will kick everyone without avatar, and will try to ask for other security measures as well. so if you really want the keys, get a picture for your avatar before i kick you out.

aj.therealToday at 2:46 AM
everyone~! you might notice lots of changes, or some changes, or suddenly you can’t type or something.

I’m changing a lot of things right now, so just bear with me and wait if you still want the key


aj.therealToday at 9:24 AM

I’m gonna purge this whole server from bots.

Right now, unverified accounts won’t be able to see any channels at all except this #purgatory.

What you need to do is the following things to get verified by our bot.

1. Leave the server
2. Join the server again with this link (don’t forget to copy the invites first!)
3. Our new bot will DM you a captcha
4. The bot will give you a role if you are verified
5. After that, you will need to go to the channel that showed up to swear your allegiance
6. You are back in!!
7. Wait patiently until we start the giveaway.
8. after 2 or 3 days, accounts without any roles at all will be kicked out from the server.

Thank you so much~! meanwhile, enjoy your time in purgatory

aj.therealToday at 9:44 AM

If I’m not being clear, i will repeat it again.

The giveaway event is not happening yet. It will happen in a special channel only, and people who tries the command getkey in inappropriate channel, and I saw you? don’t blame me if i ban you forever.




this guy is losing his patience

when i read here somewhere yesterday or 2 days ago that this guy is doing this giveaway all by himself, having to send out emails possibly manually? I don’t know about that. I think soon he’ll not know either.


I can’t blame him. I have stress running a giveaway here with much less than 1000 keys to give out. T_T

Yesterday, a couple of us spent time, telling people: Check announcements, stop spamming !get key, check back tomorrow, the bot is down, etc etc. Even one or two people translated instructions to Russian, German and French so people could understand.

So yeah, we helped, the community manager Angela helps, and AJ gave out keys manually, and it’s still a crazy situation >> Humans, I guess …


Huh… I’ve lost the channel somehow when I tried to get verified by the new system… O_O


People will be people. I mean, just look at the coronavirus situation, bunch of idiots everywhere. :rofl:


Ok. I still haven’t gotten the game code but I’m still hanging around the discord. The main guy says he will create a special channel for when the give-a-way starts. Not an exact date or time yet though.

Their discord bot is fixed and is giving out keys now. I got one and the key worked. The game has a mixed rating but I can at least try it out.


I heard that it’s open again. So grab it while you can.:wink:
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I just did!