FREE games with Humble "stamps"-event

Alright since the flame in the flood freebie is now over i’m changing this to a “stamp”-awareness post for the spring event and those free games/stuff it offers atm, OP at the bottom

Humble is doing a spring event sale, where you can collect free “stamps” if you just log in on their store once per day, (or 1 per 5$ spent in the store), -tho i’m unsure of the exact “reset timer”, i’ve been doing it after 7pm CET

the games/rewards this week:
(you need to be logged in to the stamp page to view these it seems)
: 4 stamps to Fortified
(for 1 stamp you get a coupon with 10% off 1 humble monthly for new subscribers, for 2 stamps receive a 25% discount coupon on MachiaVillain!)

This week’s Mission ends on May 28th at 10am PDT, Your stamps will not carry over

PS, this started May 24th, and the first event will end May 28th; so you can’t miss a single stamp to get the game (unless having spent $ in the store to make up for the missed stamps)


OP containing Flame in the Flood freebie humble promotion

The Flame in the Flood is free for 48hours, go grab it now
The Humble Store: Great games. Fantastic prices. Support charity.
imo it’s a fun little “you will die” survival game, with a wonderful soundtrack too, nice while you’re paddling down that wild river :blush:

slight PS: humble is also doing a little Spring sale “event”, go visit/log in each day for the next for days, get a “sticker”/stamp and get another free game
Humble Bundle - Log In
: 3stamps to Millennium: A New Hope, 5 stamps for Whispering Wilows

as @Sophron kindly reminded me
Note: ‘The redemption deadline for Flame in the Flood is May 26th, 2018 at 10:00 AM Pacific’ -at which point you can’t “view” your key in your humble account anymore

op "2.0", 1st week mission edit

: 3stamps to Millennium: A New Hope, 5 stamps for Whispering Wilows
(for 1 stamp you get a humble store discount voucher for 7% off frostpunk and a coupon with 10% off 1 humble monthly for new subscribers)

also seems humble will continue this next week, with a reset/new stamps event and rewards

This week’s Mission ends on May 17th at 10am PDT, at which time a new Mission will be enabled for the second week of the Spring Sale. Your stamps will not carry over and a new set of rewards will be available.

PS, this started May 10th, and the first event will end May 17th; so for “latecomers” might be cutting it close/miss out on the 5th stamp game for free, (unless having spent $ in the store to make up for the missed stamps)



I got so many games to purchase when I get home, some would say its over-whelming but you know its video games, only the awesome gameplay can be overwhelming.


Yay! More free games! I have been eyeing Flame in the Flood for some time, so this is perfect!


i really enjoyed it
it definitely has it’s own flaws, and depending on how someone feel about the “roguelike”/"roguelite"kinds of games, or survival/gather/craft types, mileage will definitely vary,
but i found it neat and sweet despite my “dying” frustration :smile: which also was what i found to be part of it’s charm, -and dang those songs just fitted so perfectly to the mood when i was playing


I love it when a game has good accompanying music, sometimes you don’t even realize it, but after you are done playing, you say to yourself, now how much does that sound track cost? :smile: I am such a big fan of roguelites/roguelikes too…


this should give you a sense of if it’s something you’re into listening to while “gently” drifting down stream :wink:


Thanks for the heads up



That’s me with every Battlefield soundtrack, usually there, little differences between the soundtracks but there amazing in my opinion. I love Bad company 1, and BF4 soundtracks the most.

Edit: Except I always pay attention to the soundtrack


I already own the game but i figured i grab a key and post it here. 2C?4?-WR8MC-EVK0G ?=Y :grin:


Awesome soundtrack!!

Will die to this, thank you, thank you ~


Thanks for the heads up Gnuffi. I already have the game, but grabbed an extra copy in case someone misses out on it.

Hopefully they have enough keys to meet the demands of stamp collectors this time. Remember the HackyZack debacle.

Anyone play Millennium or Willows? Are they any good?


no clue :thinking: but; “uuhhh cards” :crazy_face: :laughing:
anyways, after friending some of you from chrono, it has popped up on my steam-“poking”-radar a couple of times, looked neat, but nothing that made me immediately jump and buy,
-getting it for free?, sure; i might take that for a spin :smile:


oh and side note, can’t remember if it was there “last time”/that event, but the

“You have until May 17th at 10AM PDT to collect your stamps and claim your prizes at which point the next week of rewards will begin.

got me thinking… or at least that last part got me speculating wildly… :thinking: :dizzy_face:
does it mean new/continued event next week? -does stamps carry over if so? and would the prizes then be more than 5 stamps, ie if i get a game now will i be in a position where i don’t have enough “next week” (since last time, as i remember, the stamps didn’t exactly get “consumed” and just functioned as sorta “tier to unlocks”) :man_shrugging:
-don’t phrase stuff such that i can go on a rampant "what if"mind-bender!.. :confounded:


Last time, it only said: “You have until April 2nd at 10AM PDT to collect your stamps and claim your prizes.”

It appears the mission/stamps/rewards thing will continue at least for the duration of the Spring sale (two weeks from now until the 24th). I don’t think stamps will carry over. They probably just reset at the start of the next week.


yup, i think you’re pretty much on the dot there, also fits best with lasts times "tier"unlock function’ish
(ofc such rational realization would neeever stop me from still trying to follow the thought train to some absurd remote destination) :smile:


Runs for seven days and Whispering Willows requires 7 stamps…I just know that I’m going to screw this up somehow. Whispering Willows looks good and the other one is…an RPG maker game…


Whispering Willows requires 5 stamps… the other one 3 stamps… so you should be fine…


Weird…looks like I had a mini brain fail. No idea where I got the idea 5=7.


i’m guessing because this here (first?) event runs for 7 days? so maybe you just replaced one nr with another in your mind in the rush :man_shrugging:


Every game that has been offered free here lately…I already have…Even Whispering Willows. I am gonna get it anyway and give it away later…:smiley: