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Free Games at Microsoft Store (New Games Available, Updated April 29th)



(New) Wrecked Destruction Simulator

(New) Go Classic - Chinese Game Pro

(New) Pac-Man Championship Edition 2




Checkers Magic Battle

War Race - Destruction Drive


League of Light: Silent Mountain

Maze: Subject 360

Hidden Expedition: Dawn of Prosperity

Ashley - The Story of Survival

Flight Unlimited Las Vegas

Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D

High Speed Trains 3D

Forest Harverster

Frozen Soul

I’ll tag our train specialist @sewcraftyme but I’m afraid the game does not have controller support as far as looked into, but it could maybe work with some input programs like JoyToKey? It’s a free game so it’s worth the try. :wink:


Dog’s Garden

Future Tanks Arena

P.S.: Some may be unavailable at the time you check, but they are constantly refreshing the expiry dates, so it may become available again.


Did I hear trains? scoots there with tail wagging


Also @Pylinaer likes trains. :smiley:


Thanks for the info.


Updated main post with two new free games and expiry dates.


Thanks for the updated info.


As always, thank you thank you. :relaxed:


They keep adding more and more every now and then, I’ll keep the post updated as soon as I can, so check back often :rofl:

Two more games added.


@Pylinaer … and tanks. Look to the first post. :stuck_out_tongue:


The games ending today end in about 30 minutes! So definitely claim to your account if you want them!


Guess I got them just in time. O_o


Still managed to get Forest Harvester after a few tries. (May be a bug?)


wouldnt wish Flight Unlimited Las Vegas on my worst enemy


I guess it’s going to be a while until Microsoft decides to give away one of their AAA games, I wouldn’t mind getting Forza Horizon 3 for free :smirk:, maybe when Forza Horizon 5 comes out someday. :rofl:


I couldn’t get Forest Harvest and Frozen Soul in the (EU) early morning… Now no issues getting them both on 2 different accounts and it says 3 days more to go.

Maybe they extended the giveaway or I’m really lucky as well :smiley:


I checked in incognito, seems like they did extend. I’ve updated the topic, thanks.


anyone got a clue why windows store has DX9 and dx10 games -that somehow “require” windows 10…? :thinking:
-me thinks something’s up :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Has there been any improvement on DX12 integration lately in other games? The last game I played with DX12 was WoW and it ran horribly with that compared to when I switched to DX11. It’s almost night and day. I usually crank the graphics to the max unless it becomes outright unplayable, so this tells you how bad it is implemented there.
I know many of the minute changes are at launch, which is understandable. But now I’m surprised Vulkan isn’t as used as I thought since DOOM was phenomenal with it, and I’m pretty sure Eternal is just as good with it.


Yeah and the fact that Vulkan was the only implementation in No Mans Sky that made the game run at 60+ fps instead of 18fps which is what it was like for a year while I wasn’t playing it.


I’ve edited the main post since they keep refreshing the availability and this should bump for anyone who didn’t grab it yet.