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Free Games at Microsoft Store (New Games Available, Updated April 29th)



Two new games added to the list, grab it \o/


These two have been available since last Tuesday as well:

Get Maze: Subject 360 - Microsoft Store

Get Hidden Expedition: Dawn of Prosperity - Microsoft Store


I found a couple more

Ghost files will auto install so if you don’t want to install it be sure to cancel


Thank you @SeekerSupreme and @THEFIREGAMER123
I’ll include those in the main post, but I think Ghost Files is just free-to-play always, correct me if I’m wrong.


Oh I don’t know, i saw it was free and grabbed it


Original price was $79.99, current price Free 100% off • 1 minute left

Yea I got it.

Mmmmm now its saying 7 days left.


First, WHY THE HELL is Ashley $80, it’s a 200mb indie “MOBA”?! It’s obviously not - it’s a clicker/idler that is incorrectly categorized and incorrectly priced on Microsoft’s Store.

Second, why is Melania Trump’s ghetto cousin narrating this crude abortion? And why does the game crash at the spa when I ask for the hot stone treatment? How did this survive play-testing? If this is the quality of game Microsoft is going to give away in their quest for more people to take their storefront seriously, I’m going to have to reconsider how strong I thought they were.


I’ve questioned the prices since the first ones, lmao. Doesn’t look like they even care what prices are set for non-microsoft titles or this is a serious bug…


Maybe they did it to make it seem more worthwhile


like the Deponia series which lists as $100 and is regularly 90% off to make it look like you’re saving a bunch of money even though it’s a dumb business tactic.


Garbage. Absolute garbage. The only thing decent from the Microsoft Store they’ve given away was the original Halo, Halo 5, and Halo Wars 2 combo back in 2017, but even then that’s a 19 year old game. And they own the studio that produced it, so it costs them damn near zero to give something like that away.

I hate to say this, but Epic Games is crushing it in the freebies department. I still want them to massively upgrade their storefront (I’ve posted my laundry list of complaints in other threads), but when it comes to free games, they have not disappointed. So far I’ve actually PLAYED:

  • Subnautica
  • ABZU
  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Hob
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Inside
  • Little Inferno
  • Mutant Year Zero
  • Outward
  • Sundered
  • Surviving Mars

So yes. They are absolutely crushing the most valuable corporations on the planet ($MSFT) which has a market cap of $1.27 trillion, $134 billion in annual revenue, and $133 billion in cash.

What does Epic have? A hit game (Fortnite), Chinese backers (TenCent @ 40%), and an honest passion for games. And somehow they’re managing to punch waaay above their weightclass.

Or maybe Microsoft just doesn’t care about PC gaming…? :thinking:

Regardless, for now: their storefront is garbage, their “freebies” are garbage, and their attitude towards PC gaming is garbage. I’m not lumping the Game Pass in with this evaluation, that is Microsoft, but it’s their XBOX division and Phil Spencer (the leader on the XBOX side of things) spearheading that development. Maybe the PC side just plans to fade into oblivion and give control to the XBOX portion of the company, I don’t know the internal workings, but it’s sad what we are seeing when they can count giving away a 19 year old game (Halo) and Candy Crush (a free mobile game) as their success stories. Not to mention how annoying their GUI is to navigate, how many prices are wrong, or how slowly things buffer/load ON THEIR OWN PLATFORM. How? Just how are they this incompetent?

Call me if intelligent life is sighted in/near the vicinity of Microsoft Store. For now I’ll stick with GOG, Steam, and Epic. It’s so bad I’d even recommend Uplay, Origin, Glyph,, and before suggesting buying a game off Microsoft Store. Go back to the drawing board.


The price on MS store is always a joke for me :wink:

I get those just because I’m feeling good saving thousands of dollars with these “games”


I don’t totally understand this rant. The Microsoft Store on PC isn’t meant to rival Steam like the EGS is. I don’t think freebies are even being pushed by Microsoft. They aren’t putting any effort into getting people to buy PC games from them because that’s not how they make money.


Once again, more games made free for a while. Also, @SeekerSupreme I’ve added the other game you shared with the community today just for the sake of having it all here too. :wink:


Not that I think anyone cares but these 2 are no longer free. :ok_hand:t4:


Gotta get them all, lads :yum:


I left everything there because they kept restocking free keys, but since they are now just as regular discounts, I’ll mark them as expired.


This one is free for 6+ days:

This one for 23 hours or so:


I remember seeing a youtuber play Wrecked Destruction, I believe it was ‘Lets Game it Out.’ His goal is always to break the game though, test the limits and destroy his PC.

Edit: Yup definitely Lets Game it Out, heres the video if anyone is interested.

I do suggest watching his other videos, there a blast to watch, especially his planet zoo videos.


Happen to watch his vids before.

E.g. this one:

Was having a good time watching it :yum: