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Free for a limited time I am not a monster



Of course you aren’t! You’re the sweetest dino to have ever lived. :yellow_heart:


Why is this free? Just trying to boost the English-speaking playerbase since like 90% of the current players speak Russian?


Ok, this looks like it could be a good amount of fun, particularly if played within the forum.


As a big turn based fan, I’d be up for this, assuming I can work around my limited free time.

Each game appears to be up to 6 players.

I look forward to betraying you soon!


But what if you like to play with yourself…
Play BY myself, by not with, dammit!
No, it was not a Freudian slip of the tongue.
Oh before I forget, I woke up this morning and found this in my Steam activity feed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you @yoshirules for posting this topic.


Thanks for the heads up


I was thinking this same thing even though i haven’t played with anyone here before. I’m hesitant to join randoms because let’s face it, random lobbies are likely to have toxicity, especially if you’re new. I don’t have any Steam friends to try it with so i would consider trying with you guys.

What’s wrong with playing with yourself?


This whole toxicity thing is greatly exaggerated and even if you do once in a while find someone who’s being every shade of awful they’re real easy to ignore and never play with again, especially in a random matchmaking system. Don’t let some ambiguous idea of “toxicity” keep you away from trying things you think you might enjoy.


I dunno, maybe you would be better served by asking Mr. Paul Reubens that question yourself, @kovec .

Oddly enough, Mr. Ruebens made those exact same sounds that fateful day…
…and one could go so far as to say, that “wood” was involved also…
…I would imagine his “O-face” closely resembled this too…


y but aren’t u leaving out a slight detail which makes all the difference? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


No, I agree with kovec here. Toxicity is not an “ambiguous idea,” it’s a statistical certainty. Normal people + anonymity + audience means you’ll get a certain fraction of the playerbase transmuting into total jackholes. Multiply that percentage by the vast number of people you can bring together on the intertubernets, and you’re going to get bad randos everywhere. The only way to mitigate them is by preventing or restricting in-game communication. I’ll stick to my single-player games, thanks.


I never said that unpleasant people doesn’t exist. What I’m saying is that in my vast experience of online gaming running into them is rare and not by any means a particularly noteworthy encounter.

If you were to fully abstaining from everything you might want to do just because there’s an off chance you might run into an unpleasant individual then how do you get out of bed in the morning?

Play the games you want to play, learn to deal with the occasional raging arsehole without letting them ruin your day, it’s a very valuable life skill.


Dude, I dare u to play cs go, Dota, or Rocket League for one week, and u’ll know exactly wtf he’s talking about; u might not last a week actually depending on exactly how u cope with that shit, but it’s far from

it’s frikkin daily and oftentimes several games in a row: ppl insulting yr mother, rage-quitting and leaving yr team powerless, team killing, own-goaling or bumping team mates on purpose… u name it, it’s there (every frikkin day…)

when yr stuck with such a person for 45 min in competitive mm it actually affects yr skill cuz just cuz of the stress that it provokes, that stress level also depending on how much u value yr rank u worked hard to achieve (or not)

I can deal with it fine, otherwise i wouldn’t still be playing competitive team games, but it’s definitely “cancer” dude


alrighty, i grabbed it, i have no idea why but it was free so i did :smile:


Thank you, Sweetie.:hugs:

Even though i already had it. Like usual. :grinning:


Daaaah! I missed it. No longer free.


My vast experience of online gaming has been very different from yours. I’m nearly 40, it’s not my first time around the block either. I’m not saying your perspective is wrong, it’s just been different from mine.

But to get back on topic, are people interested in forming some matches?