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[FREE] Dirt Rally (Humble Bundle)



I am installing it right now, I cannot guarantee that I would be able to play, but I will stay afloat in the discussion. Hopefully there’s a large enough crowd that my presence or lack thereof is rather unnoticeable.


Even amidst the throngs of participants we could merely hope to attract your presence would always be appreciated and sorely missed when absent.


Picked up the game, but I’m really terrible at racing games as well.


Just a gentle reminder to anyone who still would like to join into some friendly competition. We’ll take stock of interested participants later today so get the game installed, tested and let us know you’re up for it.

For the sake of clarity this is not a multiplayer event where we have to find a time to suit everyone. We’re just comparing times in a time trial fashion so anyone can play at their own leisure whenever they have the time and inclination.

I hope we can get a handful of people for the first go at this and we might attract a few more if we just get it started.

I really hope to see everyone, even if reluctantly, crouched at the starting line, engines pumping and thumping in time.


I deleted the game as i needed space for something else, but i guess i’ll make some space to download it once again and see how it goes. (:


I was very busy this week and didn’t find the time to download it. Will take a few hours because I only have 10Mbit download rate here :sweat_smile:
But I should be ready to go tomorrow evening :slight_smile:


Damn, I’m crap at racing sims and haven’t played one in a long time so I was so glad to see a tutorial option, only to find out that it’s just a collection of somewhat informative lectures rather than an actual practice mode. Hell, the videos don’t even illustrate what’s being talked about all that well, they feel more like just eye-candy to fill space.
The team management part of the game confuses me, who looked at a RACING SIMULATION and decided: “You know what this needs? RPG mechanics with a dozen different stats and leveling up.” :thinking:


Heh, yeah the career mode stuff I didn’t really get either. Have not spent any time with it though. We’ll just be using the one off training race modes where you can pick a track and car and do your thing. That’s pretty much the ‘practice mode’ though you wont be getting any coaching through it and have to figure things out on your own.

I’ve spent about 2.5h in the game in total before and that was enough to pick up an understanding of the game and to some degree what the map reader nonsense means. Just go drive around and fail a lot.

I think the best advice @M00 gave me at the start was to not try to be fast, drive like you’re sightseeing and just try to focus on staying on the road.


It’s rly well built-in in the gameplay, actually, cuz the more you advance in yr career, the more expensive everything becomes, cuz more modern and more expensive cars etc. so investing in more ppl with better skills and improving their skills (just like irl) does make sense here

it will heavily impact whether u’ll be able to fix your car or how much of it while doing longer rallies

exactly, doing that means u’ll actually finish the race and preserve yr car (which, again, is important for rallies) while not losing time resetting it or getting back on the road or whatever

then, as u play the game, u’ll get a feel for yr car and how it behaves in different conditions, and u’ll learn what the call-outs actually mean, and then with time u’ll be able to gradually go faster and become more competitive

someone might be twice as fast but destroy their car in the last turn; classic tortoise and hare stuff


I launched it, did a performance test, and that’s it.

Should I go through and do the tutorial sections? They look involved.

Also, I am going to stick to automatic transmission, etc… Baby steps…