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[FREE] Dirt Rally (Humble Bundle)






thanks, traded away all my previous copies so guess I’l finally activate this one for myself :slight_smile:

Edit: Also remember to reveal your key quickly before they run out, I am sure this freebie won’t last long


Also here is my key as i bought the game a month ago :roll_eyes:



Grabbed a copy and forgot I already had it.


Woah! I did not expect this - thanks for the info!




Thanks for the key, I used it because I am having issues getting a key from humble bundle again ;p


You’re welcome.


Oh wow, that’s a really sweet deal. I was wondering what was going on with HB lately, but free racing games aren’t bad at all


According to Steam, I got it more than a year ago, I don’t even remember. LOL!


I have 3 dirt games now, one of which I believe @moo gave me. They’re terribly hard games, but there’s some satisfaction in finally managing to get your car through a race without killing yourself 30 times in the process after hours of practicing the track.


I haven’t played a racing type game in years! Thanks for the heads up, I’ll definitely make sure to grab a copy!


I don’t think i did, actually, but we did have a few conversations around Dirt Rally back in the day, in which i’d encourage u to keep going :smiley:

I’ll again stress that this is the best rally sim out there, together with its successor (and i dont care about the intricacies and the reasons of why one might be better than the other; i love them both dearly).


No you’re right, turns out I bought it from 2 years ago.

I was thinking though, now that it is freely available at least for a little while longer. Would anyone be interested in setting up a little community competition?

Lets pick a map and a car class, practice it for as much as you want for a week or something and then we compare our best times make a local high score table and try to beat each other out. Then we do it again for another track.

Who’d be up for something like that?


i’d love to, but not sure i have space to install it right now, how big is it? (have to get a grip of myself spending time here, im working and have a deadline :rofl:)

actually, i’d make space for that for sure, it’s a great idea


Thanks for the heads up mate.


@Fraggles one issue would be that the cars have upgrades which u unlock by playing and have an impact on your times actually, but anyone who put in some time that week should be able to unlock them all anyways


Are the upgrades permanent? I don’t recall any upgrades, I never really went into the career mode at all. If you just go to plain open racing where you can pick between all cars and tracks do you get the cars with upgrades? Can you pick an unupgraded version of the car?

Game is 40gig, going to have to clear some space for this one myself.


i think u can uninstall them, yes, but there’d be no way of checking whether everyone did

they rly dont take long to unlock though, maybe 2 hrs or so per car