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Flash Game Tournaments 2020


Alright, I am currently doing this on another forum and thinking why not on Chrono as well since I am making the effort. :smiley:
There is no real prices if you win, if not people want to contribute, other than having the knowledge that you are the best at browser games.

The game won’t be flash but HTML instead, but HTML Game Tournaments didn’t sound as a good name.

Rules ‘n stuff:

  • Each game will last for 1 week ish. It’s only during that period you can submit your scores. When the week is over or when I say so, I’ll collect and give out points.
  • Play the game, get a good high score, take a print screen, post your result and fight for the first position. You can update/post as much as you like during the game week.

Points distribution:

  1. Participant - 10 points
  2. Participant - 8 points
  3. Participant - 6 points
  4. Participant - 4 points
  5. Participant - 2 points
  6. Participant - 1 points
  7. Participant - 0 points

Current score:

  1. DrFlamingo: 38
  2. PeteMcc: 31
  3. YQMaoski: 22
  4. ARS85: 20
  5. Agetime: 19
  6. Enki: 11
  7. Truly: 10
  8. Fraggles: 8
  9. Doomy: 8
  10. snake153: 8
  11. onLooSe: 6
  12. Pylinaer: 5

So lets start!
First game, from today(Sunday 23e) to Sunday 1st march is:
Game 1: Hangman 3

Game 2: Scooch

Game 3: Rook

Game 4: Frogger

Game 5: Double Dodgers

Game 6: Infiniroom

Game 7:


Oof RNG Jesus is not being friendly to me. I keep getting stuck at 18 xD

Make that 19! Zombie friend got me a bit further xD


I already figured out how to break it.



This actually reminds me of that spiderman game that is similar on flash. Not sure if I can find it but it’s still out there somewhere.


Got lucky and had no saws spawn between 25 and 28.


I got pretty lucky on this round.


Same energy

Here’s my new score BTW.


Damn you’re all so good xD putting me to shameeee. I’ll have to try again after work :sweat_smile:


First Try:



The third mask that you can unlock is a Tarantula mask… lol…

Just improving slowly, but them saws…

Okay, my eyes hurt from staring so intently at the screen… I am done for now, had a pretty lucky run with the spider suit:


i got to 100 but my screenshot is currently broken
thankfully my word is just as good…

edit: i win


Thankfully this game remembers high score so if you fix your “issue” maybe you can take a screenshot. :wink:


there you go


Best I can be bothered with for now.

Very fair game.


My adblock is too strong and I got a black screen. So I played in my mind what I normally get in these kinds of games.



Yay \o/


For a, I’m sure, brief moment I’m at the top of the score board!


damn you all are too good.
I did slightly better than before at least xD


best i could do so far