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Flash Game Tournaments 2020


Just tied with Pete…

Man this game is hard… I just played for an hour…

Well, this was a relatively difficult obstacle:


haha yeah sometimes you really get a nasty one! :smiley:

To sum up so far:

  1. Fraggles: 38
  2. PeteMcc: 37
  3. YQMaoski: 37
  4. DrFlamingo: 35
  5. Agetime: 31
  6. Doomy: 29
  7. snake153: 28
  8. Pylinaer: 25
  9. KittiBear: 24
  10. choujiacheng: 23


I really want to train a neural network to play this game. Sounds like fun


39 but just barely


Well done @Truly that was a densely saw packed finish you got there.


Heh you had that one ready didn’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:


slightly better


Oh well…


GJ I’ll get you tomorrow :wink:


having an ear infection is super fun, it hurts, you can’t hear out of an ear and you get time to play games like this because i cant go to work


not much better but tied with @PeteMcc

and a bonus mess with overly distracting music


Weird the game jus freezes on my phone i guess it isn’t phone compatible. I will have a play later on my laptop I guess lol


Weird, I think I got it to work on my phone, but it’s lots ads on it so think on desktop with adblocker is a better experience.


Ye the ads load then after u press play the game freezes lol.
I think u can get adblocker for phone not that i have much room on my phone for that.




It does that on occasion too for me.


I have Firefox with uBlock origin on it.


I played the game lol first try
The game does seem to freeze a lot hmm


It tends to freeze for me if I click outside the game or the browser loses focus for whatever reason. Got this neat little pose one time.


Try using the direct link to the game if you have a lot of crashes.

Might help a bit to not have the rest of the site loaded.


Also uhh… I learned that you can scroll for more characters… better late than never I guess.