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[FIXED] Epic Games Store is REMOVING the games billing information on timely basis



Epic does what Epic wants, until they get into trouble, I suppose, then they will come up with an excuse of ignorance and continue to blatantly ignore what’s appropriate… :stuck_out_tongue: Such as discounting heavily a pre-ordered game without the publisher having any clue of what’s going on, and thus forcing people to randomly change base prices for a duration of a sale…


i actually went an send a support ticket about this nonsense… try guess if they send me an email as either confirmation or ticket id??
^i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say “yet”, since it’s possible it’s either just a slow system or they get around to it “later”/first on actual response
-tho it’s the first time where i haven’t even received a basic mail back “quick” :man_facepalming:


It will be a response along the lines of:

“So sorry… No mistake. You want game? You buy game. Bye bye.”

or a month later:

“Your ticket got sent into our junk folder for some reason. It appears that we had an influx of 200,000 support tickets and our computer bot for responses was unable to process everything.”


Could always be worse u could request all the personal data epic has on you and they send it to the wrong user.


lol that reminds me of the bethesda support system where everyone just had access to all other users tickets incl their personal information :rofl:, (tho that Epic one seems more “innocent”/relatable with a single human’s error)
there truly is no limits to basic corporate incompetence,
2019 folks :clap: why bother to have learned anything from the past decades :man_shrugging:


So I got a confirmation by a user that bought plenty of things on the Epic Store and it seems your payment history only goes back to 3 months :smiley:. Even things you pay money for are gone from there after that time.

However you get recipe e-mail when you buy something - not surprising, but apart from those mails you have no actual log what you’ve bought unless you probably request that already mentioned personal info tracking that can be send to everyone.

Indeed… we are going back in time it seems.



3 months log how nice. The computer store I usually order stuff from has all my orders and detailed receipts available for me, with a search function, going back to the start of the existence of the store. Oldest receipt I have is from 2004.

Which was a Gainward GeForce FX5900XT 128MB DDR 2.8 AGP, “Ultra/1100XT TV-DVI GS” -Demo for 1.595,00 SEK


Honestly I see it as the publishers or any company that does this as being truly greedy and despise when they do this, same as when Ebay has their 15-20% coupons and all of the top businesses jack their prices up by that amount. When I see a company do this I generally will never buy anything from them again. One of the many reasons I will never buy from Newegg ever again. So yeah I see it as a fault of the publisher and not Epic on this issue.

Not an insult toward epic games so read at your own risk

it’s just the ui that display the last 3 months, but all the data is still there.
they need to keep it to do taxes and protect themselves in cases that someone says they didn’t buy X game or other shenanigan like that.


except epic confirmed devs/publishers were not made (proper) aware of this
you can’t just discount people’s sht without due notice, since it literally devalues their product, not to mention potentially conflicting with contractual obligations -squarely on Epic
should always be opt in, not opt out,
it’s such a fundamental thing to botch…


how? I get it with bundles and such but a 1 time coupon I dont really see it. It would be very minimal if it did at all. Especially on a platform where you cant resell.

ok yeah that would make sense, probably not always the case but I understand if they have to. Do retail stores do contracts like that as well? just wondering because of my Ebay example

meme, don't click if easly triggered or in the EU


It’s funny that even Billa Grocery stores keep track of what I have bought in the past decade when I use their cards… so did every other store virtual or physical I have an account for. I need however to check my bleach logs, because I might be getting a bit dizzy right about now and for some reason losing grasp with how things should be done properly :smiley:


because this is a “long” sale for starter, (not just some unique 1 time coupon on a single product)
and when the price of a product has (depending on the price) changes so significantly, not only does it obviously change on aggregate price matching sites, but also in the minds of customers
if you want an easy example, Tomb Raider and Fallout 76 both had major backlash because of the huge drop in price all of sudden so quick at launch. Customers that had bought felt “robbed”, like they’d paid a deliberately inflated cost on a product the publisher knew had a worse value. And some people that hadn’t bought yet felt it showcased product had to be “poor” if it got discounted this much so soon

here you have pre orders, which devalues a product before it’s even released, or newly released games with a price tag people will keep in mind “later”/next time around, "why should i bother pay you this for your new game when it will just get discounted (hard) next time too"
Because people “know” now, weeell it’s only really worth X, not Y etc.

my thoughts are sorta, i’m betting most people don’t even bother to be aware of that devs aren’t losing out on this discount like with most sales, they just take mental note of the trend and keep that in mind for future purchases and think games are (getting) worth less than their asking price.


How about an example of how devaluing your product can be an issue from this very forum. Someone here didn’t want to buy Shovel Knight treasure trove because it wasn’t at the “lowest discount” recorded on ITAD. But the ITAD record was during it’s early access period several years ago and it’s now not only a complete game but with a whole helping of extras.

The point is that people will go look at price history of games and Epic just wrote an entry into everyone’s history with this, without asking.


indeed, for people actively using price aggregate sites it’s even worse when this stuff happens.
Shovel knight is a good example of that penny pinching/ITAD mentality some/i can have. I’m one of those that kept not buying shovel knight at any of its recent sales because i kept waiting for it to get down to around 10bucks and thought 18 was “too much”(not just because of ITAD tho) -completely disregarding that when it was 10$ or so that was during the ea phase


Hold on isnt the $10 from Epic a one time use thing? Thats more so what I am talking about. Like Ebay where you can only use it once but the stores raise their price effectively allowing them to double dip. They get paid by Ebay for the cut plus get their normal price.

Blah you have at least got me on the fence about this issue though, not really sure how I feel about it now lol. Problem with ITAD is there are so many wrong discounts, price errors, EA type things and thats why I heavily look into the sales records before deciding on a final price that seems fair to buy. Historical lows don’t always work right but many do shop that way.


it’s a 1 time thin in the sense that it only applies “now”/during this sale, epic has said nothing about doing this again for another sale
but, it’s a storewide discount, on all games/regardless of how many you purchase -only qualifier being the price must be 14.99 or above for the game, doesn’t matter if it’s already 75% discount, if it’s above it gets an extra 10bucks from epic regardless
and it lasts until june 13th, so that’s what, like 4 weeks or something,
-and on ITAD the price was ofc demolished because of it


hmm see I did not know that, I thought you could only buy 1 game with it which limits how many games are being sold at a discount.

That is another reason ITAD shouldn’t be the only resource used for valuing a game, a 2 minute price error can do the same thing on that site. Anyway thanks for the info and somewhat changing my mind on this issue lol, I will leave you alone now :smile: