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Fine Art from Creative Chronies!



@coralinecastell, it looks lovely indeed! :slight_smile:

Really, everyone’s works look great too, I have no artistic feel/touch at all, so it’s tough as nails trying to do any kind of art. (Or as I had just had a major typo, “o fart.” <-- Yup, that’s as much art as I can finely create. :man_facepalming:


Long time ago i’ve used to be a 'photographer ’ :smiley: So here’s my deviantart page if someone interested. Though i havent touched a camera in many years now :frowning:


Go touch a camera again, many of those pictures are great.
I’m stunned by and how well you captured the sky, found a very nice vantage point to take the picture from.

Though heads up, you’ve chosen to put your real name(?) onto that page. Just in case you had forgotten and that wasn’t something you wanted to share here.


And your birthday appears to be the 6th of February… :slight_smile:


Yes… well i hope i wont get assassinated :frowning:


I wouldn’t worry about that too much; the same could be said for any artist who shares their work, to varying degrees of self-awareness. Otherwise they would just keep it to themselves.

FTL and DotE both have tactical pause, so even though there are keyboard shortcuts I just end up using the mouse. Both become much much harder if you forget to use tactical pause, though! The other thing that keeps sucking me into these games is that they’re relatively short. There’s something appealing about knowing you can have a complete playthrough in 1-2 days.


Reference image next to the pixel art: ta-da, it’s a philosopher’s stone! Fun fact: I found that chunk of glass in a toxic waste dump behind an abandoned glass factory (most dopants used to color glasses are quite poisonous). But do not get me started on wizards, I’ve written treatises on magic systems every bit as detailed and dry as an introduction to chemistry.


Thanks, I’m glad you like the font! I would describe it as a descendant of Textura Quadrata, with some personal touches. Using it for various wizardly projects. If you want to use it, you can download the font from my fontstruct page. Just be sure to activate kerning in your text processor of choice or it won’t look right.


I named this piece: “copystrike”.

From top-left: Joe Barbaro (Mafia 2), Rose (Street Fighter IV), Vito Scaletta (Mafia 2), Antonio Maldini (Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear), Vulcano Rosso (Street Fighter EX 2), Tommy Vercetti (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), Marco Rossi (Metal Slug), Vinnie Cannoli (Guns, Gore & Cannoli), Dante (Dante’s Inferno), Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin’s Creed: Revelations), Franco Bash (Fatal Fury), Luigi (Super Mario Bros.), Lola Pop (ARMS), Voldo (Soulcalibur), Mario (Super Mario Bros.), Alibi (Rainbow Six: Siege), Leon (Dead or Alive 5), Little Mac (Punch Out!!), Stefano Valentini (The Evil Within 2), Maestro (Rainbow Six: Siege), Detective Gallo (Detective Gallo), Enzo (Bayonetta), Marius Titus (Ryse: Son of Rome).


Resurrecting this topic…BECAUSE :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thanks for resurrecting it. :slight_smile: Here is a photo from me:


Some doods I did while queuing at places:

Then there’s these guys that I meant for a bigger piece for a contest somewhere, but I don’t have that much time for it right now.


omg, was that for the Slay the Spire thing? I kept waiting for u dude.

u would’ve won just for making me look so good, lol (assuming that is me)

i love it, btw


My website for when I want to be the artist that I can’t be.


I wish you had all the time in the world…Such awesome drawings :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Most definitely you, there was supposed to have big battle on the background with other Chronnies involved, but alas, I have a job.
Hurrah for night shifts!!! D:

Suppor me on my non-existing Patreon so I can quit my daily job like the pros. :+1:


Can u list me a few games yr currently interested in besides Slay the Spire? I briefly looked at yr wishlist but it’s ginormous.


:thinking: I don’t have any on mind really, I’ve been too focused on saving for a new PC to be able to play the ones I already have to be honest, why do you ask? :slight_smile:

By the way, don’t pay too much attention to my wish list, I often put things there to “check out later” because something they do or have catches my attention, but I always forget to check them out later P:

PD. please, don’t wait for my entry, if you want to wait because you want go on, but otherwise it would be unfair for the others me thinks.


yeah, the giveaway ended a while ago, and Slay the Spire’s price is a bit too steep atm to buy it, otherwise I would have gotten u an extra copy :slight_smile: which is why im asking if there’s anything else u’d like atm


This month’s humble monthly is still up, right? So it’s only $12 if anyone really want to pick it up.


that’s where i got the one i used for the giveaway (got my friend to buy me a year-long)


Well, there you go, I didn’t even notice that, that’s how disconnected I’ve been :neutral_face:

But seriously, don’t worry about it, I missed the deadline after all, and is not like I’m demanding something in return, such is life.

Better save it for another day :smile: