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Feast of Legends (a free Wendy's-centric TTRPG)



Honestly I’d really love to, but I’m in the final month of my bachelor degree (!!!) so I’m super swamped. I have zero time for anything until mid November. So I can talk about it, but I don’t have the time to do it for another month or so.


Wait, are we still trying to do Feast of Legends?


I’m not exactly sure what we’re trying to do. Now we have other options as well and after thinking it over, I would rather play something else. I really don’t like corporations and I don’t want to support them. It just seems like it’s a giant advertisement, which it is, and I don’t need that in my game. The more I looked into the game, the more I lost interest. Sure it can be looked at as just a harmless game, but I have plenty of other TTRPG’s I would rather play over advertisement the game.

I had no idea the game would be that brutal. I just thought, “Hey a free rulebook, sure why not.” But, I’m still interested to play.


I had my first character creation session yesterday for D and D 5e and I learned quite a bit. The Rulebook had to be passed around a lot, but we made it work. Didn’t finish with our characters, but that’s ok. I might actually completely change my character before next session since some of it I wasn’t the happiest with and you don’t want to regret the character you made because then it kills all of the fun. Sure you can keep the character and some probably say to just go with it, but it all comes down to being happy with what you make, preference and having fun. I change my mind constantly so I may never be truly happy with what I have, but I’m not looking for the best build character. I just want to have a character I’m happy with and have a good time.


This reminded me of Big Chungus…dunno why…



That’s great! And how I built my first character too. We only had one Phb at the time so it got passed around a ton.

I will say I don’t think any of my earliest characters were my favorite, but there’s still a special place in my heart for them.


I’ve had about three sessions so far for d and d irl and it’s been quite fun. Difficult to make up things on the spot though, but knowing the rules better helps. The first part of the adventure took awhile just to get around town and figure out what we all were going to do. Once the adventure really started, we got a lot more accomplished and got through about three encounters. Got us into a possibly unnecessary encounter, but we freaking decimated them. I tried to sneak to a corner since I’m a thief, technically called a rogue, but I like thief better, and I didn’t roll well and in the end we got into an encounter. Found some sweet loot at the end and actually have an awesome sword and dagger. And a nice longsword I’m 2 handing that’s really been helpful. Especially when I rolled a perfect 10 on damage for the longsword. It felt awesome to cleave two goblins in half. Quite a fun game really.


I might be able to help with that if you want some pointers on the ability to be completely insane.


@Koroth I’m happy to as well!

Glad you’re enjoying yourself so far!


That is exciting news. So glad for you :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I hope you’re still having fun with it! If you’re looking for game aids and the like you can find some good stuff on DMs Guild. I’ve got a couple things on there myself, in case any of these might add to your fun:

Reference Card Templates: Archival and Recipe Cards (free / pay what you want). These system-independent reference cards are a great way to organize (even outside of a game!). Inspired by real archival and recipe cards, you can use them to summarize the important facets of just about anything.

Textura Reticulata Fonts (free / pay what you want). A pair of blackletter fonts to add a manuscript feel to your own work.

Wizard Spell Scrolls (Handouts; PHB, XGE). These D&D 5e handouts include spell scrolls for all the wizard spells in the Player’s Handbook and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. Suitable for any level of player engagement, they include instructions for three methods of using the scrolls: an easy method of simply reading the spell name, a medium method of deciphering a simple code, and a challenging method of decoding a hexagram spell glyph.

Wizard Spell Lessons. This document is a peek under the hood of the magic system used to create the Wizard Spell Scrolls. While intended for D&D 5e, most of the contents are system-agnostic or easily adapted to other systems. It contains magic theory and spell scribing guidelines to help with roleplaying arcana skills, wizard lesson plans for character backgrounds or helping DMs plan a game focused on wizards in school, and team roles to add more flavor to characters (wizards and otherwise).

I hope you find something you like, or failing that, are at least entertained by what you see =).